"Stars, hide your fires, let not light see my black and deep desires" 

Ralph Fiennes is starring in an "immersive" retelling of Shakespeare's Macbeth in Edinburgh this week. 

Simon Godwin's uniquely-staged production follows the overreaching couple whose lust for power unleashes a bloodbath. 

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Edinburgh is one of just four cities which will stage the ambitious production in custom-built theatre spaces, alongside Liverpool, London, and Washington DC. 

When and where is the Ralph Fiennes Macbeth show in Edinburgh?

The Herald: Ralph Fiennes and Indira Varma in MacbethRalph Fiennes and Indira Varma in Macbeth (Image: Macbeth the play)

Ralph Fiennes' Macbeth is showing at The Royal Highland Centre near Edinburgh Airport from January 12-17, 2024

The play will also be performed at Dock X in London from February 10 to March 23 and at the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington DC from April 9 to May 5. 

Macbeth cast 

Macbeth will of course be performed by Ralph Fiennes, known for his roles in Schindler's List, The English Patient, and The Menu as well as in the James Bond and Harry Potter franchises. 

Celebrated British actress Indira Varma, who has featured in Game of Thrones and Luther, will play the scheming Lady Macbeth.

Steffan Rhodri, who is most recognised for playing Dave Coaches in Gavin & Stacey, will be Banquo, Macbeth's spectral friend. 

While the three witches will be played by Lucy Mangan, Danielle Fiamanya, and Lola Shalam

And Keith Fleming will portray King Duncan, Ewan Black will be Malcolm, and Ben Turner will be MacDuff. 

Are there tickets left for Macbeth in Edinburgh?

Yes. There were a tiny number of tickets available for the Monday night (January 22) showing at 7.30pm, ranging from £65 to £125.

At the time of writing there were also tickets available for the Wednesday night (January 24) performance in Edinburgh's Royal Highland Centre

 The two seats available are £125 and can be purchased on the Macbeth the show website

However, all other tickets for Edinburgh performances are sold out. 

Meanwhile, limited tickets are still currently available for the show in London.