A witness has described the moment a dog went "absolutely crazy" and attacked two men in Hamilton on Tuesday evening (January 23). 

Armed police were called to the scene and a man rushed to hospital in Glasgow with serious injuries after the attack in the Tinto View area just before 5pm. 

Police have described the dog as a 'large bulldog type' but Kevin Pace, a neighbour who saw the incident unfold from his nearby flat, said it was not an XL Bully. 

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He said: "There was an altercation between a dog going absolutely crazy, one guy was screaming, the owner was getting bit. The dog turned on his owner and wouldn't let go."

Mr Pace said there were two people involved who he saw struggling with the dog. "Then the dog just turned on its owner. There was a lot of blood." 

The Herald: Kevin Pace witnesses the dog attack in HamiltonKevin Pace witnesses the dog attack in Hamilton (Image: Colin Mearns)

The 52-year-old said: "People were throwing water at the dog, throwing stuff trying to distract it to get it away, it wasn't having it. 

"The dog looked scared, it wasn't doing anything to anybody else unless it was approached. It was a shame."

Police were called and tried to taser the dog, but it had no effect, Mr Pace said. Then armed police arrived at the scene and fired four bullets into the animal, killing it. 

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Despite claims the dog could be an XL Bully, a breed which is due to be banned in Scotland, the facilities manager said this was not the case.

He said: "It was a boxer crossed with a mastiff, not a Bully. I recognise the breed. It was big, around eight to nine stone. 

The Herald: Police at the scene of the dog attack in Tinto View, HamiltonPolice at the scene of the dog attack in Tinto View, Hamilton (Image: Colin Mearns)

"I've passed the dog before, it seemed alright, just a dog. I don't know what happened, how it managed to get in that state. 

"I think there must have been some kind of trigger there. I'd seen the dog before, it was amicable, I don't know what's happened to it. 

"It could be a seizure or anything, a dog can't tell you. It clamped on and wouldn't let go."

Police were called at around 5pm to a report of a "large bulldog type" dog attacking a man in the Tinto View area.

Armed officers were sent to the scene due to the dog being dangerously out of control. Police said the dog attempted to attack an officer and was shot dead. 

A second man who was also attacked by the dog in Loudonhill Avenue was taken to Hairmyres Hospital with minor injuries, police said. 

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Superintendent Steven Espie said: “This was a distressing incident for those involved. I would like to reassure the local community that this was a contained incident and there is no further risk to the public.

“There will be a continued police presence in the area while our enquiries continue."

Police later said the body of the dog was taken for specialist veterinary assessment. 

A spokesperson said: "The animal is described as a large bulldog type dog but it was not possible to establish its specific breed or history from this assessment."

As a firearm was discharged during the response to this incident, police said the circumstances will be referred to the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC).

The Herald: Police at the scene of the dog attack near Tinto View in HamiltonPolice at the scene of the dog attack near Tinto View in Hamilton (Image: Colin Mearns)

It comes after a dog attacked two pensioners in Aberdeen last week. A man and a woman, aged 73 and 70, were rushed to hospital after the incident involving an Xl Bully in the Dyce area.

 The Scottish Government recently announced it would introduce new restrictions around XL Bulldogs which have already come into force in England and Wales. 

Humza Yousaf said Scotland would replicate the legislation down south to "ensure public safety" after reports of an influx of the dogs crossing the border. 

The First Minister said in Holyrood: "What has become clear, I’m afraid in the last few weeks, is we have seen a flow of XL bully dogs coming to Scotland, a number of people coming to Scotland to bring XL bully dogs here to the country.

"We will in essence replicate the legislation that is in England and Wales here in Scotland. Because ultimately although we do have a very good system of dog control notice schemes, and we do take the approach of deed not breed, we have to respond to the situation as it currently stands.

"And therefore we will do what we need to do to ensure public safety."

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The announcement came just days after Mr Yousaf said he did not think a ban would be required, and the First Minister was criticised by the Tories for "wasting months" to make a decision. 

Meanwhile, animal charities said news of the ban was "deeply disappointing".

The Dog Control Coalition, which includes the Scottish SPCA, Dogs Trust and British Veterinary Association, said it did not believe banning a breed would stop attacks happening. 

It said: "It's therefore deeply disappointing that the Scottish Government is following the same path as the UK Government. A complete overhaul of the existing dog control legislation is the only way to tackle the root causes of the tragic incidents we have seen in recent years.

"Both Governments must urgently take steps to deal with the unscrupulous breeders who are putting profit before welfare, and the irresponsible owners whose dogs are dangerously out of control."

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Breeding, selling, advertising, and rehoming the dogs was made illegal in England and Wales from December 31, 2023. 

And from February 1, it will be illegal to own an XL Bully in England and Wales unless the dog is registered on the Index of Exempted Dogs. 

A date has not yet been announced for the dogs to be banned in Scotland.