Hot on the heels of their magnificent Christmas performance in Glasgow, Bearsden Choir will 
soon be performing two showcase pieces from Fauré and Vivaldi 


BRINGING two of the most popular choral works of all time to the stage for a spectacular February concert will have extra-special meaning for Bearsden Choir.

Conductor Andrew Nunn explains: “It has been five years since we performed Fauré’s Requiem and Vivaldi’s Gloria, and they are showcase pieces for us. I think they will really demonstrate the standard at which our choir is now singing, and how we have moved forward in that time.

“We worked on the Vivaldi during lockdown, with members rehearsing and recording in their own living rooms, sending the individual movements to us online so we could put it all together.”

He adds: “We called it the ‘Virtual Vivaldi’, and doing it again now is quite emotional, as it takes us back to that time when life was so difficult for everyone. It’s joyous to be able to perform it in person.”

With new members, new soloists and organ accompaniment by Andrew Forbes, this revisiting of the two pieces will “feel very different”, adds Andrew.

The Herald:

“It has been fantastic rediscovering these pieces, and I am sure audiences will love them too,” he explains. “Vivaldi’s Gloria is so inspiring, it’s joyous to sing. At our first rehearsal back after the festive holidays, it was the boost of energy we all needed. It is already sounding fantastic.

“In contrast, the Fauré is reflective and very beautiful, with lovely, long melodic lines. The pieces complement each other very well. In February, the depths of winter, we wanted to bring something familiar and warm to audiences, something uplifting.”

Bearsden Choir is passionate about supporting emerging talent. Andrew is hoping to revive his extremely successful education project of 2016 in the near future, and following on from last year’s premiere of Love Lives Beyond The Tomb, by choir member George Swann, the piece will receive a second outing in a new format at the spring concert in Glasgow City Halls on May 19. It will be the choir’s first orchestral concert since 2019.

All three soloists performing in February – mezzo-soprano Caitlin MacKenzie, soprano Julia Callander and baritone Caspian Plummer – are current students at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

“They bring a fresh energy, it’s exciting to work with emerging singers,” says Andrew. “It is really important to support the next generation of talent.”

Caitlin Mackenzie was invited to sing with Bearsden Choir after working with Andrew at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland when she was part of its junior school. “The movements I sing are all so beautiful,” she explains.

“I’ve sung both as a chorister and a soloist for Vivaldi Gloria and always enjoy singing the music. I’m really looking forward to hearing the choir in action.”

Caitlin’s love of singing began when she was just eight years old, taking part in the National Youth Choir of Scotland’s regional group on the Isle of Lewis, where she grew up.

She began lessons around the age of 12, and attended Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Juniors in Glasgow during her last year of high school. Caitlin recently graduated from the RCS with a first class honours degree, and is now studying for her Masters under the tutelage of Elizabeth McCormack.  

“I’ve attended several concerts by Bearsden Choir, all of which have been exceptional,” she adds. “I’m very excited to have been given the opportunity to work alongside them.”

  • Bearsden Choir will be performing Fauré’s Requiem and Vivaldi’s Gloria at St John’s-Renfield Church in Glasgow on Saturday February 24 at 7.30pm. Tickets are available now from