As Scotland’s only Catholic Jesuit School, St Aloysius’ College has been located in the heart of Glasgow for over 160 years, offering a unique education tradition that dates back much longer than itself. 

This education tradition – of focusing not only on academic excellence, but of formation of the ‘whole person’ with the aim of creating ‘men and women for others’ – has stood the test of time and still makes up the foundation of the school in the 21st Century. 

Whilst its foundations are steeped in tradition, the school recognises the importance of being a modern, engaging and innovative place of learning.

The Herald: The Clavius Building houses specialist classrooms for Art, Maths, Science
and Technology


That is why St Aloysius’ College is committed to investing in ensuring the learning environment of the College meets the needs of the pupils of today and tomorrow. 

Having built a top-class sports complex on campus in 2016, the city centre school has already transformed their sporting provision, providing pupils access to state-of-the-art facilities including a fully equipped gym and fitness suite, dance studio and large multi-purpose hall. 

Alongside this is their Clavius building, creating a centre for STEAM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics – as well as their purpose-built Junior School and Kindergarten building, creating a community on Hill Street for all pupils.  

Their most recent project has been their newly renovated Performing Arts Centre which houses their highly successful Music and Drama departments. 

With a bespoke drama studio, individual music rooms, classrooms designed specifically for music lessons, and a multi-purpose performing area – ‘The Venue’ – St Aloysius’ College has created an engaging learning space where their performing arts  departments can explore creativity and expression in lessons and extra-curricular activities. 

The new centre will be invaluable to the school’s renowned Schola choirs, a unique programme to Scotland, where pupils receive professional singing lessons and participate in the Royal School of Church Music Voice for Life Scheme. 

The Herald:

At their Millerston campus, pupils in Kindergarten to Primary 3 now benefit from the newly established Early Years Outdoor Learning Centre. Led by the Head of Outdoor Education, children get involved in a range of activities to expand and enhance their outdoor learning experience through weekly visits to the centre. 

With sessions focused on forest story time, sustainability and orienteering to name a few, the children gain first-hand experience of the natural world around them from their very first days at the College. 

However, it does not stop there. Future projects are hoped to include playground rejuvenation and refurbishment of the original College Hall into a theatre for events and productions, including their well-known annual school show.

St Aloysius’ College is clear in its mission – to create an innovative and engaging environment where pupils can flourish in 
all that they do. 

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