Labour is set to abandon its £28bn Green pledge, just days after Sit Keir Starmer insisted the spending was “desperately needed”.

According to multiple reports, an official announcement will be made later today, with the party citing the uncertain financial landscape.

While the vow to invest has been ditched, Labour will keep core elements of the green prosperity plan, including the creation of GB Energy.

It's not clear what it means for the Scottish promises made by the party, including the 50,000 clean energy jobs or the £1bn for Grangemouth.

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The SNP’s Westminster leader, Stephen Flynn, described the decision as “weak and shortsighted.”

One senior figure in Labour described it as “the most stupid decision” the party has ever made.

The figure had become one of the key battlegrounds ahead of this year’s general election, with the Tories saying the amount of borrowing necessary would lead to higher taxes.

There have been splits in the party over the spending promise for some time, with some key figures keen to see off Tory attacks.

The promise to spend £28 billion a year was first announced in September 2021 by Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves. It then changed to a promise to ramp up to £28bn by the second half of the next parliament.

Former Labour frontbencher Barry Gardiner said the decision was “economically illiterate, environmentally irresponsible and politically jejune.”

The MP, who sits on the Commons environment committee, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the u-turn was “environmentally irresponsible.”

He warned Labour now risked “being so bland that you stand for nothing”.

“The government will then write your policies for you, and will say, “you see Labour’s not telling you what they what they’re going to do. It’s going to be this it’s going to be that”.

“They can paint their own picture, so I think politically, it’s strategically incompetent.”

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John McTernan, a former political secretary to Tony Blair told Newsnight it was “probably the most stupid decision the Labour party’s made”. He added: “What’s the change Labour now offers?”

SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn said: “Keir Starmer’s damaging decision to cut energy investment will destroy Scottish jobs, harm economic growth and hit families in the pocket by keeping energy bills high.

“It’s a weak and short-sighted U-turn, which shows Westminster is incapable of delivering the investment Scotland needs to compete in the global green energy gold rush and secure strong economic growth.

“As our partners and allies across the world press ahead with investment to attract jobs and secure economic and energy security, the UK has turned away. It’s as depressing as it is predictable.”

The Tory Chief Secretary to the Treasury Laura Trott said: “This is a serious moment which confirms Labour have no plan for the UK, creating uncertainty for business and our economy. On the day that Labour are finalising their manifesto, Keir Starmer is torpedoing what he has claimed to be his central economic policy purely for short-term campaigning reasons.

“He must explain how he can keep the £28 billion spending when he is finally admitting he doesn’t have a plan to pay for it.

“This black hole will inevitably mean thousands of pounds in higher taxes for working people. That’s why Labour will take Britain back to square one.”