Michael Matheson is in line for a nearly £13,000 golden goodbye after resigning over his £11,000 data roaming bill scandal

The former health secretary is automatically entitled to a severance payment 90 days after losing office.

The sum, which is paid by the Scottish Parliament, is 25% of his final salary.

The Scottish Tories have urged the ex-minister to "turn the payment down."

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On top of his MSP's salary of £67,662, Mr Matheson earned an extra £50,849 a year as a cabinet secretary.

That means his severance pay will be £12,712.25

In November the Telegraph revealed that Mr Matheson had racked up nearly £10,934.74 in roaming charges, after taking a week long Christmas break to Morocco with his family the previous year.

The ex-health secretary initially agreed to pay £3,000 from his taxpayer-funded expenses, with the Scottish Parliament picking up the remainder.

Mr Matheson later agreed to pay back the money from his own pocket after it emerged that his sons had been using his Holyrood iPad as a data hotspot to watch the football

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Craig Hoy, the Scottish Tory chairman, said: “People will find it outrageous that Michael Matheson, who wrongly tried to claim £11,000 of taxpayers’ money and then clung to office long after he was found out, should now be handed even more for resigning.

“At a time when many Scots are struggling, and the government is making savage cuts, it is ridiculous that improper behaviour by ministers should be rewarded in this way. Mr Matheson should turn the payment down.”

Lib Dem MP Alistair Carmichael joked that Mr Matheson would "have just enough left over to make a bet with Rishi Sunak."

A Scottish Parliament spokesperson said: “Legislation states that after a 90 day period, the equivalent of three months’ salary is payable on ceasing to hold a Ministerial position.”