A Gaza art exhibition which was cancelled by a Scottish university over fears it was "partisan" has found an alternative venue. 

Organisers accused the University of Highlands and Islands (UHI) of "bowing to cancel culture" after it expressed concerns about a lack of "balance" and scrapped the show last minute

Artist-curator Georgina Porteous said the exhibition, called “Opening of a Fragile Pot” will now open at the WASPS Links Studios in Nairn, running from Saturday (February 17) until the end of the month.

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The show includes work by Palestinian Feda’a Al-Hassanet, who is trapped in Gaza, along with works by artists from the Moray area. 

Ms Porteous said: “We are  hoping to raise some funds to help Feda’a who like everyone in Gaza is slowly being starved by Israel.

"After the initial finding of the International Court of Justice of ‘plausible’ genocide, it seems absurd to consider that it is ‘partisan’ to hold an exhibition drawing attention to what is happening there now.

“We are very grateful to WASPS for enabling the show to go on. It had taken many months to organise after Moray originally offered me the space last summer and being given little notice of the cancellation was highly stressful.

"The reason given that promotional material for the show was ‘partisan’ seems rather ridiculous given the International Court of Justice preliminary verdict of a plausible risk of genocide, which the whole world can see in the horrible death toll day after day."

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The UHI said it is "with regret" it had to cancel hosting the exhibition due to material which could be viewed as having a "partisan viewpoint" 

It said in a statement: "As a college community, we have been watching events in the Middle East unfold with growing concern for all of those involved, on both sides, and in line with previous conflicts, we recognise that this one has an impact on staff, students and those within the wider Moray community we serve. 

"Our art gallery is regularly used for exhibitions that can both articulate and challenge perceptions on a range of issues, and as an educational institution we welcome that. 

"The college only recently became fully aware though that some of the promotional material for this event makes reference to what could be regarded as a partisan viewpoint.

"Our aim as a registered charity is to promote learning, teaching and research activities in an inclusive way that includes supporting academic freedoms, and artistic expression.  

"The college hosting this event though could be seen as endorsing a particular viewpoint without any balance and as a result, the planned Art exhibition 'Opening of a Fragile Pot' has now been cancelled and will no longer take place at UHI Moray."