The Scottish Labour annual conference gets underway today, with the party enjoying an upturn in its fortunes over recent gatherings. 

Fresh from by-election victories overnight in Kingswood and Wellingborough in England, party eyes will turn north of the border as Anas Sarwar sets out his stall for the upcoming General Election

The party is looking to overturn SNP dominance in Scottish politics, and is forecast to take a string of seats in the next race for Westminster.  

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But, with some polls having the SNP vote holding strong, it remains to be seen if Scottish Labour can consolidate its position after years in the wilderness, or fall short once again. 

It’s a big test for leader Anas Sarwar, who takes to the podium today.  

Where is the conference being held?  


The Scottish Labour gathering is taking place from Friday 16 to Sunday 18 February at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC), in Glasgow. 

The Herald: Deputy leader Jackie Baillie and leader Anas SarwarDeputy leader Jackie Baillie and leader Anas Sarwar (Image: PA)

Where can I watch? 


The conference is being streamed live on their youtube channel 

What can we expect on the first day? 

Here is Friday’s schedule: 

First Session 10.00am Welcome to Glasgow Councillor George Redmond, Leader of the Glasgow Labour Group  

10.05am Conference Arrangements Committee Report  

10.10am Address to Conference Scott Arthur, Chair of the Scottish Labour Party  

10.20am Address to Conference John Paul McHugh, Scottish General Secretary  

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10.25am Debate: The change we need for a fairer, greener Scotland 12.30pm Conference adjourns Second Session  

2.00pm Address to Conference Anas Sarwar MSP, Leader of the Scottish Labour Party  

3.00pm Debate: The change we need to deliver for working people 

4.15pm Address to Conference Roz Foyer, STUC General Secretary 4.30pm Keir Hardie Awards  

5.00pm Conference adjourns