The Scottish Labour party conference has kicked off in Glasgow this weekend. 

Anas Sarwar, Ian Murray and Keir Starmer are among the speakers at the event at the SEC, which is taking place from Friday (February 16) to Sunday (February 19). 

The Scottish Labour Leader has already taken to the stage, telling delegates a Labour win in the general election will bring "real change". 

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Mr Sarwar also signalled he would cut income tax for middle earners if Scottish Labour returns to power at Holyrood.

You can watch and read his speech in full in our story here.

Meanwhile, shadow Scotland minister Ian Murray claimed Labour could "turn Glasgow red" at the next election during his speech on Saturday. 

The Edinburgh South MP, who is one of just two Scottish Labour MPs in Westminster, said the party had its sights "firmly on first place" in the event of a general election

On Sunday, Keir Starmer is expected to give a speech in the afternoon, as the Labour leader faces pressure to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. 

It comes after Scottish Labour unanimously backed Anas Sarwar's motion at the conference on Saturday, which is calling for an end to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

How to watch the Scottish Labour Party conference live

The Scottish Labour conference is being streamed live on the party's YouTube channel

Scottish Labour conference schedule for Sunday, February 19

Here is the planned schedule for the Scottish Labour party conference for Sunday (February 19), including a speech by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer expected in the afternoon. 

  • 10am conference arrangements committee report

  • 10.05am Debate: The change our young people need 

  • 11am musical performance by Big Noise & Sisterna Scotland

  • 11.10am Panel with Anas Sarwar MSP, Pat McFadden MP, Jackie Baillie MSP, and Ian Murray MP 

  • 12.50pm Simon MacFarlane, vice chair of Scottish Labour, to give vote of thanks

  • 1pm Conference adjourns