Best Spread Betting Platform in the UK

When we tested the UK’s best spread betting brokers for performance, we took into account more than just trading costs. Our holistic evaluations include both hard numbers - execution speeds, spreads, commissions - and intangibles like trading platform experience, customer support and educational resources.

Based on our analysis, the top spread betting platforms in the UK are:

  1. Pepperstone - Best UK Spread Betting Platform Overall
  2. OANDA - Best UK Spread Betting Platform for Beginners
  3. AvaTrade - Good UK Spread Betting Platform for Options
  4. City Index - Top UK Spread Betting Platform for Risk Management
  5. IG Group - Best Range of Financial Products
  6. SpreadEx - Top UK Spread Betting Broker for Sports
  7. CMC Markets - Great UK Spread Betting Mobile App
  8. FXCM -  Good-Commission UK Spread Betting Platform
  9. FxPro - Best UK Spread Betting Broker for Customer Service
  10. - Great UK Spread Betting Broker for Research

Our research focused exclusively on spread betting brokers licensed by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Charged with overseeing the derivatives market in the UK, which includes spread betting, forex and CFDs, the FCA ensures that brokers operate according to a high standard of ethics and due diligence.

While betting via an FCA-regulated broker isn’t a guarantee of financial success, it does mean you won’t have to worry about market manipulation, scams or fraud. In the event of loss due to broker misconduct, you’ll also have recourse to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).  .

1. Pepperstone - Best UK Spread Betting Platform Overall

We named Melbourne-based Pepperstone the top spread betting platform for UK-based traders due to its exceptional execution speeds, competitive trading costs, and collection of advanced trading platforms suitable for spread betting. When we tested top brokers for execution speed, Pepperstone beat the industry average by 40% for market orders and 50% for limit orders, making it one of the fastest brokers worldwide.

We also awarded Pepperstone the number one spot due to its range of platforms and tools for spread betting and trading. Beyond the perennially popular MetaTrader 4, Pepperstone also offers spread betting accounts with MetaTrader 5, cTrader and TradingView.


Ultra-Fast Execution for Low Latency

To profit in spread betting, you’ll need to identify and seize the opportunities in market movements so small they pass in a literal blink of an eye. Just a few milliseconds can mean the difference between breaking even and making it big.

The same volatile markets that can produce big wins also have a downside: requotes and slippage. Fortunately, a broker with fast execution, such as Pepperstone, can protect against both.

Pepperstone uses straight-through processing (STP) to fill orders, which means the broker offers direct access to liquidity providers and a better chance of finding a best-fit match for the opposite side of your trade. 

The Herald:

To compare broker execution speeds, we opened live trading accounts and used a custom-coded Expert Adviser (EA) to place 20 simultaneous market and limit orders on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. We recorded the results and averaged the response times to identify the fastest brokers.

Pepperstone executed standard market orders in approximately 100 ms and limit orders in around 77 ms. Compare those numbers to the industry averages of 132.5 ms and 139.5 ms, and you see how this broker delivers value when it comes to speed.

The Herald:

Alternatively, consider Pepperstone’s performance in the context of its nearest competitors, FXCM and City Index. Pepperstone executes limit orders 21% faster than City Index and 35% faster than FXCM. Likewise, it executes market orders 21% faster than FXCM and 27% faster than City Index.


Trading Platforms and Tools

Pepperstone offers the best selection of spread betting platforms and tools of any broker we reviewed for this round-up. Including integrations, such as MyFxBook and DupliTrade for copy trading, it claims nine different platforms overall.

For spread betting, however, the following Pepperstone platform options stood out:


  • TradingView. Advanced charting for sophisticated technical analysis. Over 15 chart views and more than 400 built-in indicators and strategies.
  • cTrader. Powerful algorithmic trading tools, including thousands of custom-coded cBots.
  • MetaTrader 5. The latest platform from Metaquotes with access to assets traded on centralised exchanges.
  • MetaTrader 4. The world's most popular online trading platform, geared primarily towards forex.


Another major benefit of Pepperstone is it is one of the very few brokers to offer spread betting on the TradingView platform. In addition to being the best charting platform around, TradingView with Pepperstone has no screen switching resulting in more seamless trading experience. TradingView bills itself as a ‘social charting platform’ with an active global community of traders committed to sharing ideas, which means users gain know-how and exposure along with extra indicators and advanced chart types. 

Pepperstone account holders can trade all these platforms across a variety of formats. For those with an office setup, there are desktop and webtrader options, while those looking for mobile trading can choose from iOS and Android trading apps.


Trading Costs and Markets

Pepperstone’s spread betting account offers competitive conditions, with a minimum spread of 0.7 pips and no commissions. If you choose to enlarge your position with leverage, you’ll have access to 30:1 margin for major currency pairs and 20:1 for minor currency pairs.

You’ll also have access to over 1,200 tradeable assets to spread bet, from currency pairs to indices, shares, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and commodities.


Our Verdict on Pepperstone

Pepperstone’s goes beyond low trading fees to offer beginner and experienced spread betting enthusiasts a well-rounded trading experience supported by an excellent selection of platforms and easy access to leverage.2

Note: Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 75.3% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how spread bets and CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

2. OANDA - Best Spread Betting Platform for Beginners

American spread betting platform OANDA can claim almost 30 years of experience with online derivatives trading. That’s more than any other broker except IG Group. Straightforward trading tools designed with accessibility in mind combined with powerful risk management tools make this broker an ideal choice for those new to spread betting and retail investing.

We all gave OANDA high markets for its commitment to investor protection and market transparency. In addition to the FCA in the UK, this broker holds licenses from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), the Canadian Investments Regulatory Organization (CIRO) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).


Great Trading Experience for Beginners

Whether you’re an experienced trader experimenting with spread betting or brand-new to the world of derivatives, you’ll likely want extra support as you begin to develop your strategy. Even if you’re already versed in how to read a candlestick chart or backtest a custom-coded bot, spread betting can present some unique challenges that test your understanding of fundamental market analysis.

Noam Korbl of has likened the experience of beginning to spread bet to navigating uncharted territory, noting that some of the same features that make it a profitable enterprise can also work against traders who don’t put in the groundwork to develop a solid strategy.

Fortunately, OANDA provides ample support to beginners in the form of a straightforward trading platform and comprehensive risk-management tools. While experienced traders may find the look and feel of the OANDA Trade web app a bit outdated, those just starting out will appreciate the clean, uncluttered interface and its guaranteed stop-loss order for risk management.

OANDA Trade sources its charting from TradingView, which means you’ll benefit from sophisticated drawing tools and technical indicators - but fewer of them. This gives beginner traders a narrower range of tools to master than more advanced platforms without sacrificing analytical firepower. If you’re feeling confident, you can also opt for a TradingView account, which means access to all the indicators, timeframes and drawing tools available on the platform.

We also appreciate the behavioural pattern analysis feature. Beginners still honing a strategy can analyse their performance across six months of stored data. Access to real-time analysis of what’s working and what’s not can save you thousands in the form of quick course corrections. That said, we recommend that anyone learning spread betting take advantage of OANDA’s micro-lot feature, which allows you to open smaller positions than the typical standard lot.

Finally, OANDA’s range of order types supports a comprehensive risk management strategy. In addition to trailing stops, you can set guaranteed stop-loss orders to protect your capital or use time-in-force conditions to control when you enter and exit a position tightly.


Trading Platforms and Tools

While the broker’s own OANDA Trade platform includes the features and functionality a spread betting newcomer needs, those with more advanced skills may prefer to open an account with MetaTrader 4.

Be aware, however, that the experience might feel a bit bare-bones compared to OANDA Trade. Whereas MetaTrader 4 claims 30 technical indicators, nine timeframes and three chart types, OANDA Trade offers 100 technical indicators, nine timeframes and eleven chart types, thanks to TradingView.

In either case, you have the option to spread bet on either a webtrader or desktop app. For mobile trading, the options are more restricted. OANDATrade is available as an iOS or Android-compatible mobile app; however, MetaTrader 4 is only Android.


Trading Costs and Financial Markets

OANDA’s spread betting costs are on par with those of other top brokers. Spreads are variable and start from 0.6 pips with no commissions. This broker does offer leverage, but caps margin for professionals at 100:1, well below the FCA maximum.

When it comes to markets on which to bet, OANDA likewise offers a solid selection. You have access to forex markets, commodities, indices and bonds. That’s not the dizzying selection of IG Group, for example, but if you’re new to trading, it’s an excellent mix of markets that will expose you to the major instruments.


Our Verdict on OANDA

With trading tools designed specifically to support those new to trading and a solid offering of markets to trade, OANDA makes a great choice as a first broker for those new to derivatives trading and spread betting.

The Herald:

3. AvaTrade - Best Spread Betting With MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

UK spread betting and CFD broker AvaTrade may not stand out when it comes to trading conditions, but they do have MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 and their own trading app called AvaTradeGo.

If you need more to persuade you, AvaTrade enjoys a solid reputation for trust and investor protection. This broker holds licences from three top regulators: ASIC, CIRO and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

AvaTrade is unique in that it offers traders the ability to insure specific positions with the AvaProtect program as long as you are using AvaTradeGo. AvaTrade will guarantee your position in exchange for a fee, regardless of how the market moves.


Spread Betting With MetaTrader 4 and MeaTrader 5

Somewhat unusual for a market maker, AvaTrade allows you to make full use of the MetaTrader platform. This means you can use expert advisors to automate your trading and create custom indicators and use your MT4 account to copy and social trade with DupliTrade or AvaSocial.

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular forex trading platform in the UK, not only with traders but with brokers, too. This means you can find a wealth of free learning resources online and easily switch between brokers that also offer the platform. Features included with MetaTrader 4 include 23 analytical objects, 30 technical indicators, nine timeframes for their interactive charts and four pending order types.

Copy trading is available with DupliTrade, this tool allows you to automatically copy the actions of successful traders with your MT4 account. While you will need to make a minimum deposit of $2000, DupliTrade has a rigorous assessment process before they accept signal providers into their network for you to copy

Similar to DupliTrader, AvaSocial also allows you to copy the trades of peers in their network but has a greater emphasis on social trading. This app allows you to interact with other traders via community or group feeds or even instant messages with other traders for trading ideas and advice. To use AvaSocial, you will need an MT4 account, and there is no minimum deposit.


Trading Costs and Financial Markets

AvaTrade’s minimum spreads depend on the specific instrument. For forex pairs, you can expect 0.9 pips for EUR/USD and selected major currency pairs.

Indirect trading costs with AvaTrade are quite steep. The broker reserves the right to charge an inactivity fee after 12 months without a trade, and you’ll need to make a minimum deposit of £100 to begin spread betting.


Our Verdict on AvaTrade

A solid reputation and interesting collection of financial markets might lead options traders with an interest in spread betting to give AvaTrade a second look. High trading costs could prove a turnoff, however.

4. City Index -  Best Spread Betting Platform for Risk Management

Originally founded in 1983 as a London-headquartered spread betting firm, City Index has grown over the years to become one of the largest and most trusted online brokers in the global derivatives market.

Though better known for its CFD trading and forex trading offerings, City Index also provides excellent trading conditions for spread betting. We singled it out for its risk management tools, which include some unique features not available with other brokers.


Comprehensive Risk Management

With an activity as inherently high-risk as spread betting, you really can’t afford to pretend that the market will move your way. Every trader loses from time to time, and it’s important to have resources available to control the size and value of those losses when they inevitably occur.

City Index helps you to help yourself in a number of ways, from simple order types to more sophisticated integrations. When it comes to orders, City Index goes beyond the trailing stop and the guaranteed stop-loss. You can also use one-cancels-the-other and limit orders to ensure a speedy exit if price movements become too volatile.

Real risk management goes beyond the mechanics of a specific trade, however. At its core, it’s about education and solid trading skills. In this respect, City Index goes the extra mile with two original trading tools: TradingPlan and PlayMaker. Available only on the City Index web trader app, these features help traders master fundamental skills and hold themselves accountable for their strategies.

TradingPlan uses advanced analytics to help individual traders accurately calculate how much capital they can afford to bet and monitors your behaviour for emotional trading. If the tool senses that you’re making ill-advised decisions based on feeling rather than logic, you’ll receive a custom alert. TradingPlan also tracks all of your performance metrics and delivers personalised feedback.

PlayMaker, which debuted in 2023, takes performance analytics to the next level. A customised algorithm monitors each and every trade you make and scores it as disciplined or undisciplined, regardless of whether or not you profit. You’ll also receive strongly worded alerts that it’s time to step away and take a break if you’re on a losing streak, together with performance analytics designed to help you see where you went wrong.


Trading Platforms and Tools

City Index supports spread betting on its proprietary web trader platform. In addition to the innovative performance analytics and planning tools we described above, you’ll also benefit from a solid collection of charting and analysis features.

Like many other top-tier brokers, City Index incorporates TradingView for advanced charting, which means hundreds of indicators and well over 30 drawing tools plus 17 timeframes. Market 360 gives you access to in-depth analysis of over 6,000 different markets, including news, charts and trend data.

City Index also offers a unique trend-spotting tool designed to help traders identify opportunities based on statistics. When the SMART Signals algorithm notices an anomaly in the market, you’ll receive an alert with a suggestion on how to best capitalise on the price movement.


Trading Costs and Financial Markets

Trading costs with City Index are surprisingly competitive, given the sophistication of its risk management tools. Remember, brokers make money off the spread, so you might expect a market-making broker that goes out of its way to help traders protect their capital to charge a premium for the service.

Instead, City Index offers tight spreads starting from as low as 0.7 pips. Granted, these are variable spreads, however, our tests revealed that City Index remained admirably consistent, even across extended time periods.

One drawback? This broker requires a minimum deposit of £100 to open a trading account and begin placing bets.


Our Verdict on City Index

A venerable brokerage that hasn’t let age slow it down, City Index leads the pack when it comes to solid risk management solutions that help traders help themselves.


5. IG Group - Best Range of Financial Products

London-based IG Group was founded in 1974, making it the oldest and most well-established of any of the spread betting platforms we reviewed. In fact, IG Group can claim a special place in the spread betting lineup: the broker pioneered the concept. But while early spread bettors had to content themselves with the gold market, IG Group’s current account holders can choose from over 17,000 instruments.

The broker also put its experience to good use when designing its proprietary trading platform. Both the IG Web and IG Mobile platforms have won multiple industry awards. Beginners praise the easily customisable layouts and deep educational resources, while advanced traders appreciate the powerful integrations and add-ons.


Financial Markets Spread Betting with IG

IG Group has a reputation for offering the widest range of financial markets to trade and the most tradable assets of any online broker, and it does not disappoint when it comes to spread betting.

The Herald:


If you spread bet with IG Group, you can choose from over 17,000 different symbols across the forex, indices, shares and commodities. That’s 5,000 more tradable assets than CMC Markets, its nearest competitor.

In addition to Forex, indices, stocks and commodities commonly found with good Forex brokers, you can also bet with ETFs, Interest rates, bonds, IPOs, options and futures.


Trading Platforms and Tools

To trade with IG Group is to commit to its universe of in-house tools and resources. Rather than compete on variety, this broker prefers to win over users with some of the best proprietary trading tools and platforms available.

Many brokers opt to fully or partially outsource the development of their branded tools and platforms to Metaquotes, building off a white-label version of either MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 and grafting on integrations or extensions to meet customer demand. Not IG Group. From the IG Mobile app to the IG Web platform, every aspect of the IG trading experience has a custom look and feel that makes it unlike any other platform.

The high degree of personalisation makes IG Web easy to adjust up or down to meet your specific trading skill level. Beginners can opt for a clean layout with a focus on research tools, while advanced traders can take advantage of multiple workspaces and powerful tools like Autochartist and ProRealTime.


Trading Costs and Financial Markets

Below is a sample of the minimum spreads for some of the most popular trading instruments for spread betting with the IG Group. Spreads for the EUR/USD pair start from 0.6 however spreads are higher on average, especially if you choose to hold through the rollover period.

If you trade using the IG trading platform, you can use a guaranteed stop loss for a small premium.

The Herald:

If you intend to use leverage to increase the size of your bets, IG Group allows a margin of 30:1 for forex, 20:1 for indices and commodities, and 5:1 for shares.

For all that it can claim 17,000 symbols to trade, IG Group sticks to the standard range of markets available for financial spread betting: forex, stocks, commodities and indices.


Our Verdict on IG Group

Comprehensive enough for even professional traders and accessible enough for newcomers, the IG Group universe of platforms, financial markets and resources can adapt to meet the needs of almost any trader.

6. Spreadex - Best Spread Betting Broker for Sports

As the name suggests, British spread betting company Spreadex provides a no-frills spread betting experience with an emphasis on sports betting. If online brokerages had a physical presence, Spreadex would be your friendly neighbourhood sports pub: nothing fancy, but good fun for anyone invested in football, cricket, rugby, horse racing and even darts.


A Good Choice for Sports Betting Enthusiasts

While its financial markets spread betting offering may not have the range to satisfy serious traders, Spreadex has more than enough to keep sports bettors entertained and engaged. For more cautious traders, Spreadex offers fixed odds betting in addition to spread betting, with no restrictions on account type. More adventurous traders can open in-play positions during live matches and races, a true test of confidence in your trading skills.

If you prefer to bet on the outcome of an entire tournament or race meet, rather than a single match or race, Spreadex allows you to place bets covering multiple events. Even more interesting, you can close a position in the middle of an event if things aren’t going your way and open a new one going the opposite direction!

The Herald:


Trading Platforms and Tools


The ‘no frills’ aspect of this broker shows when it comes to trading tools and platforms. While Spreadex supports financial spread betting, its focus on sports means its in-house platform lacks some of the research and market analysis tools you would expect in a brokerage of this calibre. The absence of any real educational materials, in particular, makes this a questionable choice for spread bettors without previous experience.

We also wish this broker offered access to MetaTrader 4 or 5, since these platforms would allow us to automate our trading and build our own Expert Advisors. While there is the option of TradingView, Spreadex lags far behind brokers like Pepperstone that have devoted significant time and resources to providing a diverse set of platform options to account for all types of spread betting or trading styles.


Trading Costs and Financial Markets

Spreadex has average trading fees in line with those of other brokers we reviewed. Minimum variable spreads start from 0.6 pips for EUR/USD, 2.0 pips for GBP/USD and 0.9 pips for EUR/GBP but you can trade other financial markets such as indices, stocks and ETFs.

Spreads for sports betting work a little differently. With sports spread betting, quotes usually involve points or goals in the context of the sport. For example, in football, a spread might involve the number of goals by which a team is expected to win or lose. A spread of 1.9 - 2.1 means the bookmaker thinks three goals will be scored in the game. Bettors then decide whether the actual outcome will be higher or lower than the spread.


Our Verdict on Spreadex

For avid sports fans with a side interest in spread betting, Spreadex more than fits the bill. For serious financial spread betting or CFD trading, however, we suggest focusing on brokers with more powerful tools.

7. CMC Markets - Best Spread Betting Mobile App

London-based CMC Markets usually stands out amongst forex brokers and CFD brokers for its massive collection of currency pairs to trade. When it comes to spread betting, however, we find it shines more for its trading tools than its trading symbols.


A Great Mobile Trading App

CMC Market’s Next Generation web trader and desktop apps may enjoy better name recognition than the mobile app, but we think that’s an oversight, especially when it comes to spread betting. Compatible with iOS and Android, CMC Markets’ mobile experience aims to put the web trader experience in your pocket or backpack.

Justin Grossbard of explains the importance of a solid mobile trading app for spread betting: “A good mobile trading app for spread betting is quite important. It allows you to track markets and execute trades conveniently, ensuring you stay connected to opportunities anytime. It's a practical tool, balancing convenience with the need for strategic decision-making in the ever-changing landscape of the financial markets."

Accurately predicting price movements across global markets requires some advanced firepower, and the Next Generation platform certainly delivers. The charting tools, in particular, are second to none, with 115 technical indicators, 13 chart types, 17 timeframes and 40 drawing tools. Only TradingView can claim a more extensive range of tools.

The CMC Markets mobile app manages to pack this powerful Next Generation trading experience into a small-screen format without feeling overwhelming or sacrificing visibility. You will lose access to some of the more complex indicators and tools but can still place all of the same order types as you would on the web trader app. That includes guaranteed stop loss orders and trailing stops.

You can trade directly from charts with one tap, which makes it easy to stay on top of your positions from a phone or tablet. And if you’re the type to worry about security - and you should be - you can easily configure fingerprint ID and two-factor authentication.


Trading Platforms and Tools

If you intend to specialise in trading forex with spread betting as a sideline, you can trade with MetaTrader 4 as a desktop app with CMC Markets. Although not as robust as Next Generation, it offers a solid trading experience, with 30 technical indicators, nine timeframes, and three chart types.

MetaTrader 4 also offers a more limited selection of order types than the Next Generation platform and does not have a guaranteed stop-loss order.


Trading Costs and Financial Markets

Similar to IG Group, CMC Markets calculates specific minimum spreads for each and every one of its 12,000 trading products. The lowest minimum for Forex starts at 0.5 pips, but this is only the minimum, so expect spreads to be higher on average.

The Herald:

The aforementioned 12,000 trading products range from forex pairs to commodities to shares and treasuries. Whether you’re interested in exotic crosses or Euro BUXL bonds, CMC Markets, true to its name, likely has access to the financial market you need.


Our Verdict on CMC Markets

A uniquely powerful mobile trading app combined with the second-largest selection of trading products makes CMC Markets a good choice for experienced traders who prefer to do their spread betting from a phone or a tablet.

8. FXCM - Top No-Commission Spread Betting Broker


Despite a somewhat colourful history - the brokerage has changed hands three times since its founding in 1999 - FXCM remains a persistent player in the online derivatives trading space. Known for its proprietary trading platform, TradingStation, which features advanced algorithmic trading tools, it stands out amongst spread betting brokers for its superior trading experience. 


Spread Betting with No Commissions

In CFD trading, online brokers turn a profit by charging a commission to open and close positions, these accounts are called Raw or ECN accounts, this does not apply for spread betting accounts.

FXCM offers no commission spread betting, which means you’ll pay only the spread to execute your bets. Keep in mind, however, that the quoted spreads are minimums only and can vary. Think carefully about the best pricing for your needs.


Trading Platforms and Tools

To spread bet with FXCM, you’ll need to open your positions via Trading Station, the broker’s proprietary trading platform or MT4. That’s hardly a sacrifice, however

Trading Station’s charting rivals that of even trading view, with over 20 chart types, 10 timeframes and more than 100 technical indicators. You’ll also benefit from advanced order types and time conditions, such as good-til-cancelled, fill or kill and immediate or cancel.


Trading Costs and Financial Markets

With minimum variable spreads starting from 0.7 pips, FXCM’s trading costs appear in line with its peers at first glance. The required minimum deposit of £300, however, stands out for being on the higher side. Most of the top spread betting brokers no longer require a low minimum deposit of £100 to start trading. Like with all spread betting in the UK, your account currency is in GBP, so you don’t need to worry about currency conversion.

Overall, the range of markets is a bit limited compared to other brokers on this list but the most popular markets are there to trade with. Markets to trade include 42 forex, 14 commodities, 16 indices and a wide variety of stocks.


Our Verdict on FXCM

A first-in-class MetaTrader 4 experience makes this a good choice for spread betting if you’re already familiar with the platform from trading forex.

The Herald:

9. FxPro - Top Customer Service

Founded in Cyprus in 2006, FxPro quickly expanded beyond the EU market into the UK derivatives trading space. Licensed by the FCA since August 2010, it now lists its London office as the company headquarters. That’s good news for UK spread bettors who like the peace of mind that comes with local customer support.


Quality Customer Care

If you’re in the neighbourhood, you’re welcome to drop by FxPro’s London offices for a chat - the broker maintains an open reception desk during business hours throughout the working week.

If you prefer a more traditional customer service experience, you’ll have access to multilingual expert support 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Agents are available to answer questions about FxPro’s platforms and tools and troubleshoot technical issues.

It’s free to call the FxPro helpline within the UK, and wait times to speak with a representative over the phone are minimal. Emails we sent received same-business day responses and the chatbot offers near immediate connection with a human. As more and more brokers move to AI-powered chatbots to save on customer care costs, that instant connection with a trained human agent makes a huge difference.


Trading Platforms and Tools

FxPro supports spread betting via its proprietary platform: FxPro Edge. It’s a solid platform with many of the features you’d expect from a top-tier broker, like trading from charts. It includes more sophisticated order types, including time-in-force conditions and good til cancel (GTC), but not trailing stops.

For flexibility and customisation, however, FxPro has a unique… Edge. The platform uses a widget-style interface that allows you to drag and drop elements to create exactly the layout you want for your trading. You can also develop your own quick trade setups to automate some of the advanced work associated with trading.


Trading Costs and Markets

While FxPro doesn’t publish spread information for its spread betting account, the broker’s raw-spread account suggests it falls in the middle of the pack. The broker claims a 0.32 pip spread for the EUR/USD pair, and an average of 0.47 pips on average across the major currency pairs.

FxPro’s range of markets to spread bet would be stronger. You’ll have access to just three: forex, spot indices and spot commodities. That means no shares or ETFs.


Our Verdict on FxPro

If you anticipate frequent communication with your broker and want the assurance of the human touch, FxPro has high-quality customer support by people for people.


10. - Best Spread Betting Broker for Research

Newcomer began accepting clients in 2016 and stands out as the only broker headquartered in Cyprus to make this list. has amassed an impressive collection of research and analysis materials given it has been around less than 10 years.


Excellent Research and Market Analysis Tools

While almost any spread betting broker worth its licence will offer at least a few webinars and how-to guides to help traders navigate their platforms and understand fundamental principles of spread betting or derivatives trading. goes the extra mile, however, with tailored integrations and calculators designed to maximise your activity.’s Research Discover tool allows you to create a custom research and analysis dashboard, with information tailored to your specific trading goals. The Research section’s news screener tracks volatility, and you can select a list of stocks to monitor with live updates. In the Discover section, you’ll find detailed breakdowns and explainers linked to major market movements. It’s an invaluable resource for intraday traders and can help you identify optimal entry and exit points.

We also like that the broker offers a built-in economic calendar and a selection of calculators. The trading costs calculator, in particular, can help keep your activity within budget.


Trading Platforms and Financial Markets supports spread betting through its proprietary platform and its mobile trading app. Available markets include forex, commodities, indices, shares and ETFs.


Our Verdict on

If you’re an analytical trader and not quite ready for the power and complexity of a broker like IG Group, may be the perfect stepping stone.


FAQ: Spread Betting Platforms in the UK

Is spread betting legal in the UK?

Yes, spread betting is legal in the UK and overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the regulator charged with protecting traders and ensuring market integrity.

Derivatives are complex instruments, so the FCA keeps close watch over brokers offering retail investor accounts. The agency develops rules and regulations as the market evolves and monitors broker behaviour to ensure proper management of client funds.

What is spread betting leverage in the UK?

The FCA has capped spread betting leverage for UK traders at 30:1 for retail traders and 500:1 for professional traders. Individual spread betting companies may further limit traders, however, depending on trading account type or financial market.

Do you pay tax on spread betting in the UK?

No, you pay no taxes on spread betting profits in the UK. His Majesty’s Revenue Service (HMRS) and UK tax law consider spread betting a form of gambling, which means your winnings are tax-free.

While spread betting carries a higher degree of inherent risk than trading forex or CFDs, it’s hard to argue with no capital gains tax, income tax, and stamp duty tax.

Is spread betting worth it in the UK?

Yes, spread betting is worth it for a UK trader, provided you allocate your capital conservatively, deploy a battle-tested trading strategy and avoid emotional overtrading. Learning to predict market movements accurately takes time, and we always recommend moving slowly and trading with an FCA-regulated spread betting platform to reduce the risk of significant losses.

While we believe in the merits of spread betting, this is our opinion after years of exposure to derivatives trading. We are not investment advisors; this statement does not constitute investment advice.

What is the difference between spread betting and CFDs?

While both spread betting and trading CFDs allow you to profit in up and down markets without having to purchase actual underlying assets, they differ in that you will pay capital gains and stamp duty taxes on CFD trading profits. Spread betting costs include only the spread, whereas you may also pay commissions if you trade CFDs.

Can you spread bet with Bitcoin in the UK?

No, the FCA does not allow spread betting and CFD trading with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for retail traders. In October 2020, The FCA decided crypto CFD trading was not suitable or too risky for retail trading as the underlying asset has no reliable basis for valuation and volatility in price movement that is too extreme. These rules do not apply to professional traders.