Almost 10,000 people have signed a petition against a march that is set to mark the opening of a new Orange Lodge in a Scottish town. 

Hundreds of marchers are expected to participate in the Orange Walk in Aberdeenshire for the new Lodge opening in Stonehaven. 

The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland has applied to use the town hall as a gathering point, with 200 people expected to take part. 

However, the petition describes the march as “deeply rooted in sectarianism” and adds: “Not only would this event – with 200 marchers ‘bussed in’ – severely disrupt daily activities and cause significant traffic congestion, but it also risks poisoning our peaceful environment

“We have seen too often elsewhere how Orange Order parades foment a threatening atmosphere, and can spill over into violence and abuse. 

“This intimidatory practice cannot be justified on the grounds of freedom and expression.” 

The Herald: Hundreds are expected to take part in the walk (stock pic) Hundreds are expected to take part in the walk (stock pic) (Image: NQ)

The petition further urges local councillors to “use their power and influence to prevent this event”. 

The plans state marchers will then go from Stonehaven Town Hall in Allardice Street to the cemetery at Dunnottar Church on March 16 at 2pm. 

It is also expected to go through Bridgefield, Dunnottary Avenue and Low Wood Road. 

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Around 9,500 locals have signed a petition in a bid to try and block the event. 

Stonehaven's community council has said they will put up a "vigorous" fight on their behalf to stop it from going ahead. 

The decision on whether or not the march should go ahead is set to be made today at Aberdeenshire Council’s latest Kincardine and Mearns area committee. 

Councillors will discuss if it will go ahead or not and if it does, then if it should proceed with any conditions or restrictions or not. 

The Herald: An Orange Walk in Glasgow An Orange Walk in Glasgow (Image: NQ)

And according to The Press and Journal, Stonehaven District and Community Council has held emergency talks over the march proposals. 

A community council spokesperson told the Press and Journal: “Stonehaven & District Community Council congratulates the community on its response to the proposed Orange Walk in Stonehaven. 

“The Community Council will put up a vigorous fight against this proposed Orange Walk on behalf of the community.” 

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A spokesperson for The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland previously told the Scottish Sun: "The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland are delighted that a new Lodge will be opening in Stonehaven.  

"Residents in Stonehaven and surrounding areas applied to open a new lodge last year to which The Grand Lodge of Scotland in session approved. 

"Many of the Brethren who will be in this new lodge are current members and had been traveling from Stonehaven to other lodges in surrounding towns like Aberdeen, Forfar, Peterhead, and Perth and with significant interest from local people in Stonehaven it was agreed that those numbers warranted a new lodge opening in Stonehaven.” 

“Should the committee decide enough information about the procession has been provided, members will be asked to determine whether to impose conditions, whether to prohibit the procession, or whether to take no action at all,” a spokesperson for the council said.