A spike in incidents of theatre staff being abused by patrons under the influence of alcohol led to warnings some venues could be breaching licencing laws.  

 Last eyar, s survey by the Broadcasting, Entertainment, Communications and Theatre Union (Bectu) found that over 70% of theatre workers felt audience behaviour had worsened since the pandemic. 

Philippa Childs, head of Bectu says theatre-goers "forgot how to behave" after the restrictions of the pandemic but said there is no evidence that incidents have abated three years on. 

She says the big companies could be doing more including allowing bar staff to make judgement calls and "not just going for maximum income." 

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This poll is part of our series on Scotland’s relationship with alcohol. 

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Colin Wilkinson, managing director of the SLTA (Scottish Licensed Trade Association, said a zero-tolerance approach to patrons already intoxicated before they walk through the front door "is a must". 

He said: "With the effects of the pandemic and the current economic climate, theatres are, like all other entertainment venues, desperate to attract as many customers as possible and drive increased income, but with the disruptive outcomes experienced in many of these venues, operators may well need to review/update/monitor their policies and procedures on alcohol sales within the venues themselves.”