As part of an investigation into how the problems faced by students have an impact on wider society, The Herald spoke to students and tenant advocacy groups about the impact the lack of student housing is having on the rental market.

One stark example is in Scotland's capital.

Aside from Edinburgh City Council, the University of Edinburgh is the biggest landlord in the city.

Data from CIA Landlords published in 2022 put Edinburgh rental prices for students at an average of £1,285 per calendar month which made it the fifth most expensive in the UK.

The data showed that cumulatively student landlords in Scotland's capital were making over £568,428,420 per year.

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The average rent per calendar month in 'student areas' was £1,285.28 with an average of £15,423.32 per year.

Eliot Wooding-Sherman, who is running to be president of NUS Scotland said: "Costs are rising. Some campuses don’t have their own accommodation although most, even college campuses, do.

“Typically year-on-year the costs for those places will go up, so if you look at a place like Edinburgh, Edinburgh University is the second biggest landlord in the city – so if Edinburgh University is putting their accommodation prices up then it’ll have an effect on the private sector as well, which affects more than just the students."

The Herald: Edinburgh University

As well as providing space for 2,000 students in university-managed accommodation - traditional student halls - the University of Edinburgh offers the chance to rent privately through its own landlord and letting service, DOMUS.

DOMUS looks after more than 300 properties in which the university in effect becomes the tenant of a landlord's flat, and those flats are then sub-let to students who have completed their first year studies.

In a pitch to landlords on the company's website it says: "Once your property is let there are a number of ongoing landlord regulations that must be adhered to. Our service is specifically designed to absorb these pressures and concerns, creating a level of trust between the landlord and the tenants, ensuring a smooth lease term.

"We are the primary contact for tenants and in the event of a complaint or repair request, we ensure that our contractors deal with the issue efficiently and professionally and keep you up to date with relevant information."

As of 2019 Domus provided accommodation for more than 800 students.