Holyrood is set to review security after protesters attempted to derail First Minister’s Questions.

The session had to be paused nine times while activists from This Is Rigged were escorted out of the public gallery after shouting at MSPs about food poverty and climate change.

Presiding Officer Alison Johnstone said she would discuss further measures with security and police.

The Herald:

The Scottish Parliament already has a number of restrictions on visitors following a spate of protests last year.

Stricter ticketing rules were brought in requiring those wishing to attend FMQs to book in advance with their name and address and only being allowed in with valid ID.

Visitors must put mobile phones and other electronic devices into secure lockers before heading up to the public gallery. 

Those who break the rules are issued with a ban from the public galleries for six months.

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After the sixth interruption, Ms Johnstone said it was “extremely regrettable that the opportunity for elected representatives to put questions to the First Minister is being disrupted today.”

She said Holyrood would “certainly review today's event because it is absolutely essential in a democracy that members have this opportunity to put questions to First Minister.”

The Herald:

After one interruption, Humza Yousaf addressed the activists directly, saying that while it was "up to protesters to decide where they protest" he would "say to them gently I think they're protesting at the wrong Parliament."

He was carpeted by Ms Johnstone who told him to get back to the question in hand. 

At the end of the session, following another three protests, the Presiding Officer said it was regrettable that more MSPs had not been able to put questions to Mr Yousaf.

“I think we would all agree that the principle of this Parliament being open and accessible is extremely important.

“Visitors are very welcome to attend to see their elected representatives at work but not to disrupt this work.

“And, again, I would say to colleagues that the Parliament will work with security colleagues and with Police Scotland and will take any further action that is required in this regard.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Nine protesters were escorted from the Scottish Parliament building following a protest during First Minister's Questions on Thursday, 7 March 2024. There were no arrests."

A Scottish Parliament spokesperson said: "All nine protesters who disrupted FMQs will receive 6 month bans from Holyrood's public galleries."  

While that is a record number of interruptions, 11 were people turfed out last March, though they only managed five heckles.

On Wednesday, This Is Rigged sprayed red paint on the UK Government's Edinburgh HQ.