The majority of Edinburgh residents support introducing a tourist tax in the Capital, a survey has found. 

Almost 70 per cent of people who live in the city said they would back a visitor levy which would be re-invested in public services. 

The findings come from a four-week survey by Edinburgh council which questioned around 4,000 people about their views on the plans. 

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Of this number, 60 per cent of people said they would back a tourist tax, with 68 per cent of residents in favour of it. 

However, visitors to the city were less optimistic about the proposal, with just 24 per cent thinking it was a good idea. 

The proposals would introduce a charge of a percentage of the costs of an overnight accommodation booking in the city. 

It is aimed at ensuring the "impacts" of Edinburgh's visitor economy are managed successfully.

Similar schemes are already in place in European cities like Barcelona and Venice. 

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The council said feedback to the idea was overall "very positive" with respondents saying it was "the right thing to do" and even "an absolute necessity".

However, some raised concerns Edinburgh would lose its "competitive edge" in Scotland and the UK.

Edinburgh council leader Cammy Day said: “Edinburgh has an enviable reputation across the world as a bucket list destination and just this week was crowned Europe’s Leading Cultural City Destination at the World Travel Awards and listed as the best city in Scotland to live in, visit and invest.

"We’re very proud that Edinburgh is one of the world’s most popular visitor destinations, but we’re equally aware that this success comes at a cost.

"A small overnight charge is common practice in other major cities and destinations, so why not here?

"The introduction of a levy will provide a funding stream that would be reinvested in the city and our infrastructure, to the benefit of our visitors and, crucially, the people who live here in our great Capital city all year round."

The full findings will be presented to councillors on the Policy and Sustainability Committee next Tuesday (March 12).

Members of the Scottish Parliament’s local government, housing and planning committee will also meet on the same day to debate amendments to the national Visitor Levy (Scotland) Bill.

If this is set in legislation as the Visitor Levy (Scotland) Act this spring/summer, it will allow Scotland's local authorities including Edinburgh to charge a levy on overnight accommodation.