Pressure is growing on the Prime Minister to hand back a donation from a businessman at the centre of a race row. 

Rishi Sunak has so far shown no sign of handing back the £10m given to the party by Frank Hester. 

The row started on Monday, when the Guardian reported that in 2019 Mr Hester is alleged to have said Diane Abbott, Britain’s longest-serving black MP, made him “want to hate all black women” and that she “should be shot”. 

Mr Sunak has said the remarks were “wrong” but that the businessman had “apologised genuinely for his comments and that remorse should be accepted”. 

However, both Labour Leader Keir Starmer, the SNP and now the Scottish Conservatives telling him he should review the decision to accept the cash. 

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A Scottish Tory spokesperson told The Herald: “These comments were racist and wrong. 

“The Scottish Conservative Party has never accepted a donation from Frank Hester and the UK Conservative Party should carefully review the donations it has received from Hester in response to his remarks.”