Rishi Sunak will lead the Conservatives into the next general election, a cabinet minister has insisted.

Mark Harper, the Transport Secretary rejected claims that the Prime Minister could be ousted ahead of the vote.

Multiple reports suggest frustrated backbenchers are considering a “bloodless coup” with Penny Mordaunt being catapulted into No 10 after what looks set to be a disastrous result for the party in the local elections in England on 2 May.

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Asked if Mr Sunak will still be the leader of the Tory Party at the general election, Mr Harper, told Sky News's Sunday Morning With Trevor Phillips: “Yes he will. And he will take us into that election and he will set out very clearly that we're a Government with a plan.

“I'm going to be supporting him all the way through and I'm confident that my colleagues will.”

The backing for the beleaguered Prime Ministers comes a poll in the Mail on Sunday, suggested the Tories were heading for the largest defeat in their history.

The seat-by-seat research predicted Sir Keir Starmer could win a majority of nearly 250 seats.

Last week, Mr Sunak ruled out an election on the same day as the locals, with speculation mounting that it could now be in the late autumn.

However, according to the Sunday Times, the Prime Minister thinks his party is “ungovernable” and another six or seven months in office could be impossible.

A source told the paper: “What has been occupying Rishi in particular is that he doesn’t think this whole situation is sustainable till November.

“He thinks it’s an ungovernable party and he might have to go in June or July, simply because it all collapses. They want the election to be in November.”

A senior cabinet minister added: “With every passing month, the economy looks better, but with every passing month the Tory party looks more ungovernable. That’s the trade-off, and only the PM can make that decision.”

On Saturday Ms Mordaunt described reports that she was plotting with the right as “nonsense”.

David Davis, a close ally, said: “These stories have been put around by her enemies, not her friends.”

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Asked for his message to Tory MPs considering a coup, Mr Harper said: “What I would say to all of my colleagues is this: I spend my time as Transport Secretary focusing on doing what I think is the right thing for the country, making decisions that I think are sensible.

“That is the approach that the Prime Minister takes as well. He focuses on making the right decisions.”