The Scottish Government has released the latest information on teacher numbers in Scotland. Click through the interactive charts below to explore some of the key statistics from the official data.


The Scottish Government has released 'indicative figures' for student teacher numbers as of October 2023. The number of student primary teachers is slightly above the target, but when it comes to secondary the intake numbers fall far short of intended levels. The combined effect of this is a total shortfall of more than 1000 teachers.

The data for secondary schools is also broken down by subject. There are twenty in total, which we have split over two pages. None of the first ten subjects have met their student teacher targets. In fact, the student teacher intake target was achieved in only one subject Physical Education, while ten out of twenty subjects were unable to attract even 50% of their target numbers.

Data on current teacher numbers has also been released. Across the country, the total number of primary and secondary teachers fell after 2008 and only recovered in 2020. The total increased again the following year, but has fallen in each of the last two.

Teacher numbers in a selection of secondary subjects are also shown in our charts. In English and Maths, current teacher levels remain significantly below 2008 levels, although both have improved since reaching their lowest points in 2016.

As we have reported, the number of ASN teachers in Scotland has also fallen significantly since 2010, despite a massive increase in the number of pupils with a recognised additional support need. The number of teachers working in special schools has risen slightly in the same period.

The employment figures for newly-qualified teachers have varied significantly over the years, but in 2023 those in permanent, full-time employment fell to its lowest level since 2012. For those entering the profession, teaching offers less security than has been the case in recent years.