May 23 will mark the ten-year anniversary of the first devastating fire at Glasgow School of Art's world-renowned 'Mack' Building. A few years later, another fire ravaged the building.

The Herald has launched a new series re-investigating the fires that have inflicted the iconic landmark and how the building and art school became and remain important parts of the city of Glasgow.

Follow along here for every article in the series.

Day Five

Mackintosh would not want his art school to be reconstructed, leading architects say

Glasgow architect Alan Dunlop has said the school should look to rebuild a modern art school within the skeleton of Mackintosh's original.

Glasgow School of Art to sell off two properties to support Mack resurrection

The Glasgow School of Art is looking to sell off two of its properties as part of its bid to raise funds for the resurrection of the landmark Mackintosh Building, Martin Williams reveals.

'Mackintosh’s masterpiece remains a gutted ruin but believe it or not there is hope'

Mackintosh’s masterpiece remains a gutted ruin after six years. The world acclaimed art school remains still shrouded in its white protective catafalque on Garnethill. Filmmaker and writer Murray Grigor reflects.

Mackintosh 2014 fire rebuild boss tells of watching her work destroyed by flames

Senior project manager on the Glasgow School of Art Regeneration project from 2014 until 2022 Liz Davidson speaks to Catriona Stewart about her time working at the Glasgow School of Art following the 2014 fire.

Day Four

Joan McAlpine: 'Why I pushed for inquiry into tax-payer funded institution'

Former SNP MSP Joan McAlpine convened the Holyrood committee inquiry into the two fires at Glasgow School of Art, citing how extraordinary it was that the building burned down twice. Caroline Wilson speaks to the former MSP about the process of the inquiry.

'Cursed building' to 'colossal loss': The global reaction to both Art School fires

The Glasgow School of Art is famous around the world. When the fires happened in 2014 and 2018, it was an international news story. Craig Williams looks at the global reaction to the events.

GSA admit inadequate fire protection in court battle over Mack blaze disaster

Glasgow School of Art has admitted a failure to provide adequate fire protection for the world-renowned Mackintosh Building in the wake of its 2014 fire caused the devastation of a repeat blaze four years later, Martin Williams reveals.

GSA offers support for students over Herald's 'upsetting' Mack fires series

Glasgow School of Art has offered support to students who might have concerns over what it has called the "upsetting" Herald series investigating the aftermath of the two fires, Martin Williams reveals.

'I can't bring myself to walk past the Mack. It's too painful,' says Alison Watt

Ten years after the first Mackintosh fire, Alison Watt, one of the most gifted painters to have emerged from Glasgow School of Art, is still affected by it. Kevin McKenna learns her story.

Day Three

Revealed: GSA raised over £100m from insurance and fund-raising after Mack fires

The Glasgow School of Art has raked in over £100m from insurance claims and fund-raising as a result of the two fires, The Herald exclusively reveals.

Warning 'daft' new fire service rules threaten more of Glasgow's treasures

The head of a conservation charity has warned that the condition of Glasgow's heritage buildings is now "critical" and fire service cuts could lead to the loss of more artistic and cultural treasures.

Who is in charge at the Glasgow School of Art and what do the governors do?

Glasgow School of Art is ruled by a board of 24 governors, but what do they do and how are decisions made?

Reinstatement of Mackintosh Building ‘will create increased interest in his legacy’

Craig Williams looks at increasing tourist interest in Charles Rennie Mackintosh and how restoration of the Mackintosh Building will only increase the artist’s legacy.

'The day Brad Pitt marvelled with me at Mackintosh's work of genius'

Lorraine Wilson was giving a talk in the Mack Building, and who else was listening in other than Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt?

Were journalists duped on that visit to the Mack’s ruin?

Caroline Wilson was one of the first journalists allowed beyond the scaffolding into the fire-ravaged building. What did she expect to see, and what did she see in the hollowed-out structure?

Mackintosh restoration 'should be responsibility of an independent body'

Labour MSP Paul Sweeney calls for increased political involvement in the future of the Mack Building.

'My heart weeps at the needless loss of The Mack' says art critic Clare Henry

The Mack building should be rebuilt to original specifications as GSA's massive failure has lost us a world treasure, says art critic Clare Henry.

Is the loss of the ABC more keenly felt by Glasgow than that of the Mackintosh?

Sauchiehall Street's ABC was collateral damage in the 2018 devastating Glasgow School of Art fire and, like the Mack, the building waits patiently for decisions to be made about its future. But was this a bigger loss to Glasgow?

The Herald: The Glasgow School of Art's Mack Building was ravaged by fires in 2014 and 2018

Day Two

Expert warned prized 'Mack' was 'potential furnace' 20 years before first blaze 

Fire expert Stewart Kidd recalls the visit he made to Glasgow School of Art's 'Mack' building in 1995, where he agreed that the library was a ‘potential furnace’ 20 years before the first fire.

'I don't regret being the whistleblower – I'd do it all again'

Caroline Wilson speaks to Professor Gordon Gibb, who was dismissed after speaking out publicly about the decisions taken by the school after the fires.

Who is in charge at the Glasgow School of Art and what do the governors do?

Glasgow School of Art is ruled by a board of 24 governors, but what do they do and how are decisions made?

Six-year issue over GSA fire insurance claim fuels Mack rebuild 'inertia'

A six-year failure to reach a settlement over a "complex" insurance claim over the fire and a potential legal battle have contributed to the level of "inertia" over its reinstatement, Martin William reveals.

Muriel Gray told staff at fire-hit art school 'others can learn from our success'

A Glasgow School of Art lecturer claims staff were taken aback to be told other organisations 'can learn from our success' by a member of the school’s board months after the second catastrophic fire, Caroline Wilson reveals.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh's rise from 'virtually forgotten' to cultural icon

From obscurity to cultural icon, Craig Williams tracks the life and times of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his work with the art school.

'They should get on with it': Locals bemoan School of Art rebuild progress

The fires not only devastated the art school, but its effect also seeped into the surrounding Garnethill area. Craig Williams speaks to residents who are frustrated at the lack of progress on its rebuild.

Day One

'Mute with shock and horror': Remembering the 2014 Glasgow School of Art fire

Catriona Stewart looks back at the first fire in 2014 and speaks to artists, students and politicians on their recollections of that day.

'A scandal': 19 months of 'inertia' over the rebuild of a Scottish national treasure

19 months on from when the rebuild was supposed to start, the rebuilding of the Mackintosh building remains at a standstill. Martin Williams looks into why there is lack of action in restoring the iconic building.

TV artist says ScotGov must intervene over 'painful scandal' of School of Art fails

Martin Williams speaks to one of Scotland's most prominent painters, Lachlan Goudie, about how the lack of movement on rebuilding is a source of 'civic and national shame' and that government intervention is now needed.

How Glasgow School of Art rose to become the jewel in the crown of Scottish style

Sandra Dick looks back at the history of the Glasgow School of Art and how it achieved its high status and respected name throughout the world.

From 2014 to 2024: A complete timeline of the Glasgow School of Art fires

Breaking down the chain of events leading us to the current situation, Craig Williams sifts through the complete timeline of the fires and the events that followed.

Drone footage shows Mackintosh Building ‘under wraps’ as rebuild continues

The Herald flew a drone over the Mackintosh Building to see how it has changed since the last fire. Has any progress been made?

The Glasgow School of Art Fires: What was lost or suffered damage?

The fires devastated the art school, losing major Scottish arts and culture artifacts. But how extensive was the damage and what exactly was lost?

From the easel to the movie screen, Glasgow School of Art's famous students

Glasgow School of Art has seen some of the highest successes in arts and culture walk through its doors. Sandra Dick recounts the famous alumni of the school.

From schools to A-listers: The donors who raised £24million for doomed rebuild

After the first fire in 2014, there was an outpouring of financial support from past figures associated with the school and celebrities who admired the iconic building. Caroline Wilson looks at the campaigns to raise money for the Mack Building's rebuild.

The Herald: The day of the first fire in 2014 was devastating