A SCOTTISH cashmere brand is forecasting a major rise in turnover this year as it hails the impact of its latest collection.

Edinburgh Cashmere has signalled its expectation of generating sales of more than £10 million from new designs in 2024. That would take turnover for this year to £15m, up from £5m in 2023.

The growth comes amid “acclaim” for the brand’s 2024 collection, hailed as a “harmonious blend of heritage and innovation”, in the fashion capitals of the US, Japan, Italy and France.

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Brand founder DC Singh said: "Our 2024 collection is a celebration of timeless elegance and modern sophistication. We are thrilled to share our passion for premium craftsmanship and unique design with the world.”

The new collection from the brand includes a range of checked scarves. The company also produces items such as capes and stoles.

Edinburgh Cashmere said: “The 2024 collection, a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation, has already gained acclaim in fashion capitals such as the USA, Japan, Italy, and Paris. Each piece reflects the brand's distinctive aesthetic, seamlessly marrying traditional Scottish craftsmanship with contemporary design.”

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