An exciting breakfast event aims to bring together the trailblazers who will help secure Scotland's prosperity, as The Herald and s1jobs join forces with Powering Futures to enact change by giving the 2030 generation the futureproofed skills they will need to thrive.

POWERING Futures believes that future generations should prosper. To change lives in order to achieve this, the whole world must be both economically active and environmentally sustainable.

In a Scottish context, there are currently real headwinds to such a prosperous future. From business we hear of skills shortages and a decreasing talent pool.

Experts describe a real concern that the pipeline of talent necessary across Scotland and the UK to create legacy industrial upside from the transition to net zero will fall short.

A lack of clarity and decision making from both UK and Scottish government undermines investment commitments and stalls momentum.

We need a switch in gears. It is for this reason Powering Futures has teamed up with The Herald and s1jobs to launch the 20:30 vision event – bringing together the do-ers, the forward thinkers, and the voices who will enact change throughout the country.

The partnership will address how our future economic prosperity is critically linked to the development of the 2030 generation. Powering Futures exists to solve a range of interconnected issues around sustainability, engagement, skills, innovation and critically economic prosperity.

The danger of missing out on the upside that a positive transition to Net Zero will bring and the opportunity that will create for generations to come requires action and not echo-chambers.
This session will bring together business leaders with everyday young people which we believe will be a powerful mix, creating a chance for both groups to understand each other better with an audience in participation. 

There is a view that young people get climate change, and it is a problem that they are already solving. Powering Futures’ experience indicates that while young people are concerned about climate change, the majority still feel unsure as to what to do about it and unable to make any difference, with governments and employers bearing the responsibility. 

This leaves young people disempowered but ready instead to focus on their own future career. Particularly, there has been a lack of focus on the considerable resources required for key sectors, lacking a well-established talent pipeline or clear pathways to the jobs of the future. Fix this then we can create optimism and change the lives of every demographic. 

Powering Futures offers a distinctive approach in the sector that bridges the gap between the business community and education.

"This Herald breakfast event will bring together the do-ers, the forward thinkers and the voices who will enact change throughout the country"

Unlike other programmes aligned with top-tier education or those targeting individuals furthest from employment, Powering Futures uniquely focuses on everyday people—the backbone of the workforce, often overlooked by existing initiatives. 

The event on Wednesday, April 17 will spark a discussion on how we are all going to miss a significant future economic opportunity if we don’t grasp this chance and drive it forward in a positive way – a skilled future workforce is a vital component of this.This change needs to happen now. 

We are in the 2030 generation and the kids starting school this August will leave in 2030. Equally, the young people starting their careers will be leaders come the end of the decade so we need to engage and empower these people so that they can increase their opportunities and those of their businesses and communities for all our futures. 

Lastly, we will look to round off the event with the fact that business needs to support education and the development of young people - it is up to us all to achieve that. Powering Futures provides a mechanism to engage and educated in the vital skills that have a positive impact, but it needs your help to create an army of sustainability engaged problemsolvers that can drive the change needed.

The Herald, s1jobs and Powering Futures Live: 20:30 Vision event, which will take place from 9.30am until 11.30am at The Herald offices, Bath Street, Glasgow will be a mix of keynotes and discussion with a panel of speakers. There will also be time to network. The event themes and full details, along with tickets, are available from