Gaza war surgeon Dr Ghassan Abu-Sittah has been elected as the new rector of the University of Glasgow.

A former student of the university, Dr Abu-Sittah is a world-leadng plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

He has operated as a war surgeon in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and South Lebanon and was based in Shifa Hospital and Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza for 43 days during the current conflict.

He received 80% of first preference votes and has been elected to a three-year term.

Dr Abu-Sittah received 4,172 votes to 350 for comedian Susan McCabe, 234 for Lady Rita Rae and 430 for Paul Sweeney MSP.

He stood on a platform of opposing the war in Gaza, divesting the University of Glasgow from the arms trade, connecting with universities in Palestine and more.

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He told The Herald earlier this year:  "For me, my experience in Glasgow was a very formative one.

“The life choices that I made and the career choices that I made to pursue a parallel career in war surgery was built out of that experience and that side of Glasgow that is extremely internationalist.

“When I got to University of Glasgow, Winnie Mandela was the rector, there were solidarity groups with El Salvador and Nicaragua, we set up a scholarship for the Sabra and Shatila massacre victims.

“The Glasgow that I knew is the Glasgow that is an internationalist city whose people have always been at the front not just of the apartheid movement but all acts of solidarity with people across the globe.

"Glasgow, as a city, stood up to Margaret Thatcher. The University of Glasgow voted for Winnie Mandela in the 80s, in the darkest moments of apartheid when it had the complete support of the British government and the US government.

“Glasgow University took a principled stand then, and I think for this new generation Palestine is the anti-apartheid struggle.

“The students will again make the Glasgow that they know and I’ve known, and which shaped my identity, come to the forefront.

"I have a depth of gratitude which I need to pay back to a place that I feel helped shape my choices in life.

“I have extremely strong bonds and good memories with the University of Glasgow and I think it’s worth fighting for.”