Homegrown is not just a place — it's a destination where beauty, nature and style come together.

We believe every plant tells a story, letting your garden reflect who you are, and at Homegrown we help you to bring that story to life.

Even if you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, we offer more than just plants and pots. Come and indulge in an experience that inspires you to explore and get creative with your gardening style.

Homegrown, located at Lochend Rd, Gartcosh, is a special destination for anyone who loves gardening, enjoys beautiful homewares or wants to relax in a contemporary café setting with a view.

Not sure where to start? Take our gardening style quiz and plan your visit, where your perfect garden awaits. We invite you to discover the type of gardener you are and then we will match you with our curated plant collections that resonate with your personal style.

A Destination with a Difference

Discover the joy of gardening in a space that works for you. Here are a few good reasons to make homegrown garden centre your next destination:

  • Stylish finds: Discover plants and interior items that you won't find anywhere else
  • Expert advice: Book into the Genius Bar with a Personal Shopper to design your outdoor space
  • Find inspiration: See our display gardens and get ideas for your own home and garden
  • Modern food: Indulge in a stylish brunch or lunch, sourced with local ingredients at our garden view Coffee House
  • Enjoy our Rewards: Sign up for our Rewards for £5 back on every £100 you spend


Find your Gardening Style With Our Quiz

How It Works:

Our quick personalised shopping quiz is a straightforward way to find out which collection suits you best. By answering four simple questions, we can guide you to the plants and garden style that best fits your lifestyle.

Scan the code below to take part

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Got your result? We invite you to take advantage of our free personal shopping service. Book into the Genius Bar on our website for advice on your next gardening project. Our experts are here to help you keep your garden beautiful in every season.


Choose Plants that Make a Statement

Here’s a sneak preview of our recommendations for plants that promise to deliver style and sophistication

Hard to Kill

The Herald:

Busy schedule? No problem.

Our 'Hard to Kill' collection is forgiving, perfect for low effort greenery seekers.


Aesthetic Focus

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For those who prefer a clean and modern look, this collection helps create a simple yet elegant garden space.


Seasonal Styles

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If you enjoy a garden that changes with the seasons, our ‘Seasonal Styles’ collection brings a splash of colour throughout the year.


Edibles and Wildlife

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The 'Edibles & Wildlife' Collection helps you grow your own food and invite nature into your garden by attracting wildlife.


Sustainable Futures

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 Our 'Sustainable Futures' collection is for environmentally conscious people. It supports ethical practices to make a positive impact.