Speyside whisky has topped a new ranking of the world's best rated spirits. 

The Top 79 spirits in the World list has been published by online culinary compendium and food and travel guide TasteAtlas. 

The global cuisine website has sought the opinions of nearly 50,000 food experts to catalogue over 10,000 foods and drinks and create a world atlas of traditional dishes, local ingredients and authentic restaurants.

Whiskies from four of the five whisky regions in Scotland feature in the global ranking. 

Islay whisky came in at third place, while Highland whisky came in at 11th place and Lowland whisky followed in 28th place. 

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Joining Speyside whisky and Islay whisky in the top 10 spirits are potent Filipino drink Lambanog, Balkan fruit brandy Viljamovka, French grape brandy Armagnac, Japanese whisky, Reposado tequila, Dark rum, Añejo tequila and XO Cognac.

About Speyside whisky, TasteAtlas wrote: “Often dubbed as the whisky centre, Speyside is one of five official Scotch whisky regions.

"Although it is geographically a part of Highlands, this area is a separate appellation, because of the large concentration of distilleries and the high-quality single malts that come from the area.

"Whiskies that are produced in the region are less peaty than other styles, but their character can vary from floral and fruity to rich and spicy.

"Although they were once similar to the robust styles in the Highlands, most distilleries in the area have shifted their focus on lighter and sweeter styles that display classic flavours of vanilla, apple, honey, oak, and dry fruit. "

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