Anas Sarwar is famous, we learned at FMQs. The wrong kind of famous.

You may have thought he was merely well-known for losing the Scottish Labour leadership race to that other bloke. You know, thingummy guy. He had that haircut. Oh, forget it.

Or perhaps you associate Mr Sarwar with rolling around in cash like Rabbie Burns in a hayloft.

Or for finally reconciling socialism with private education. (Just shrug.)

But that only goes to show, dear reader, that you are not Humza Yousaf. 

The First Minister sees Mr Sarwar in quite a different light.

It came out after the Labour leader marked Mr Yousaf’s first anniversary in Bute House with a juicy rant about all the failures he’d already achieved.

“Does the First Minister agree with the verdict of the experts that this is a Government with no strategy, no vision and no plan?”

Mr Yousaf said he preferred the verdict of the Scottish people, who kept voting SNP.

As this skipped his thrashing in the Rutherglen by-election and was obviously rot, he quickly pivoted to a full-on attack, accusing his opponent of acting like Labour was in power.

“Anas Sarwar, who is famed for his hubris,” he declared, “is already putting up the bunting and telling the people of Scotland that their votes have been taken for granted.”

Startled Labour and Tory MSPs had a right old harrumph at that. 

Mr Yousaf refused to even sit his Modesty Higher at Hutchesons Grammar. 

“Whereas the Scottish Government and the party I lead will never, ever take the people of Scotland for granted in any election,” the FM added, waiting for an ovation from his MSPs. 

Mr Sarwar was undeterred.

“In just a year of his leadership, there have been three defections, nine SNP members of Parliament have abandoned ship, and his own deputy leader has said that SNP MPs might not turn up to work. 

“He has been called authoritarian by one of his longest-serving MSPs, has been accused of lacking vision by Kate Forbes, while his general election strategy has been trashed by Pete Wishart, his party’s longest-serving MP. 

“In one short year, Humza Yousaf has lost every electoral test that he has been set.”

Confronted with facts, the FM fled into his foghorn. 

“There is another display of Anas Sarwar’s famed arrogance and hubris in the chamber,” he yelled, “he’s taking the people of Scotland for granted.” 

The opposition couldn’t bear anymore. Arrogance? Didn’t he remember Nicola Sturgeon’s giant face staring down from the clouds on a helicopter or Alex Salmond’s interstellar ego?

After the Presiding Officer demanded calm, Mr Yousaf later turned to the cost of Brexit.

“The only way to stop that damage and rejoin the European Union is for Scotland to become an independent nation,” he announced to the world. Phew. No hubris there, then. 

Richard Leonard!