Rishi Sunak looks set to lead the Conservatives to a wipeout at the next general election, according to a new megapoll.

The survey, carried out by Survation on behalf of Best for Britain, suggested the Tories could be left with just 98 MPs, far behind Labour’s 468.

There was also good news for the SNP, with Humza Yousaf predicted to hold on to 41 seats. Other polls have had the party closer to 20.

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That would put them in third place, ahead of the Lib Dems on 22.

Mhairi Black said Survation’s findings showed that only her party could “make Scotland Tory free.”

Some 15,000 people across the UK took part in the MRP poll, enough to generate individual constituency results.

In Scotland, Labour would win Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock, East Kilbride and Stathaven, Hamilton and Clyde Valley, Coatbridge and Bellshill, Glasgow North East, Glasgow North, Airdrie and Shotts, Bathgate and Linlithgow, Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes and Mid-Fife, Edinburgh East and Musselburgh, and Lothian East.

They would also hold on to Ian Murray’s Edinburgh South and Michael Shanks in Rutherglen.

The Lib Dems would hold North East Fife.

Every other constituency will be won by the SNP.

South of the border, one of the seats the Tories are at risk of losing is Mr Sunak’s. The poll predicts he will win with just a 2.4% lead over Labour, Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt, Home Secretary James Cleverly and Defence Secretary Grant Shapps would all lose their seats.

Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch looks likely to retain hers.

Overall, the survey put Labour on 45% with a 19-point lead over the Tories on 26%.

It also suggested Richard Tice’s Reform party will come second in seven seats and achieve an overall vote share of 8.5%, just behind the Liberal Democrats on 10.4% But if the Nigel Farage linked party did not stand, Survation’s modelling suggested the Tories would win 150 seats.

While that would still mean a landslide for Sir Keir Starmer there are plenty of Tories who think the party should go into the next election trying to limit their losses.

According to the Sunday Times, some of Mr Sunak’s aides fear he could face a leadership challenge after the local elections in England on 2 May.

A total of 53 MPs would need to sign letters of no-confidence to force a vote and rebels claim around 25 have been submitted, with at least another ten expected to fall in.

There is even talk of Mr Sunak holding a summer general election in a bid to shore up his position.

Meanwhile, separate polling by the campaign group More in Common found Labour’s lead over the Tories would shrink by six points if Mr Mordaunt, rather than Mr Sunak, was Tory leader.

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Responding to the poll for the SNP, Ms Black said: "This latest poll demonstrates in no uncertain terms that if you want to make Scotland Tory free, you have to vote SNP.

"Voters in Scotland are sick of the Tories, but with both Sir Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak joined at the hip on all major fiscal policies, it's clear that Labour does not offer that alternative.

“It is encouraging to see people across Scotland continue to put their trust in the SNP to deliver for them.

"We won't take a single vote for granted and will keep working hard to stand up and protect Scotland's values.

"At the next election, it is only the SNP who can make Scotland Tory free, stand up for Scotland's values and defend Scotland's interests at every possible opportunity."

Naomi Smith, the chief executive of Best for Britain, said the MRP poll “shows we are headed for a change election of unprecedented proportions and major swings as the electorate switches support away from the Tories in different directions.

“Under a first past the post system, and with most voters not knowing who is in second place in their new constituencies, we will be providing voters with state of the art polling analysis at www.getvoting.org to give them the information they need to make sure their vote counts.”