A distillery in south-west Scotland has launched a 100% Blue Weber Agave spirit, Véspero, and heralded its creation of the "Scottish margarita".

Dark Art Distillery, based in Kirkcudbright, said it had launched the new spirit for the start of International Dark Sky Week, which runs from April 2 to 8.

It noted that “Véspero translates to ‘Venus’ in astrological circles, and it was born and bottled under one of only six Dark Sky communities in Scotland, the Galloway Forest”.

Dark Art Distillery said: “Brand founder Andrew Clark Hutchison was born in Mexico and the emotions linked to his birthplace of ‘born in Mexico, made in Scotland’ are central to him launching the...Scottish Blue Weber Agave spirit.”

Mr Clark Hutchison said: “On International Dark Sky Week, what better time to launch...Véspero - which links closely to the skies above Kirkcudbrightshire where it is created.

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“As the spirit was not distilled in Mexico, we cannot call it Tequila as Mexico own all the rights of provenance. However, we use only organic 100% Blue Weber Agave, yeast and water to make Véspero.”

He added: “It tastes like you would imagine, with our master distiller Gerard MacLuskey using his skill and judgement to create a Caledonian homage to Tequila with a very smooth finish. It is vibrant, with sweet grassy and toffee notes with a cosmically smooth and warming peppery finish.

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“Gone are the days of shots, salt and lemon. Our brand is premium and can be sipped over ice or as a mixed drink. We have also created the ‘Scottish margarita’ which will be rolled out across bars this month.”

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He declared the Tequila and Mezcal category is “booming in the UK and Europe”.