Filmgoers have been given a taste of how the new foyer for a refurbished Scottish cinema could look.

Edinburgh Filmhouse gave a "first look" at the plans after the cinema was awarded £1.5 million funding.

The independent cinema opened in 1979 in a former Presbyterian Church but closed in 2022 following the collapse of umbrella company Centre for the Moving Image.

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A campaign to save it was backed by actors including Ewen Bremner and Brian Cox.

The Herald: How the cafe area might lookHow the cafe area might look (Image: Edinburgh Filmhouse)

business model was created to relaunch the cinema, with a board of trustees including some who worked there for two decades set up.

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The Filmhouse said the images are “a first look at the proposed plan to open up the foyer and cafe space,” adding: “We must stress that this is an initial concept drawing, not the finished design, and that that’s not the new staff uniform!”

A Crowdfunder aiming to raise £300,000 has so far reached £268,873.

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The trustees learned last month their application for money from the Levelling Up Fund was being granted by the UK Government and they are now preparing to sign the lease on May 1 ahead of a huge refurbishment.

Plans include a complete refit, the addition of a fourth screen for educational use, and reducing the seating capacity from 450 to 350 to make it more comfortable, as well as increasing accessibility inside the cinema.