The World Central Kitchen charity has said it is calling for an “independent investigation into the IDF strikes that killed seven members” of its team in Gaza on Monday.

The aid workers, including three UK nationals - s John Chapman, 57, James “Jim” Henderson, 33, and James Kirby, 47 - were struck by Israeli fire while travelling in the besieged strip, with Haaretz reporting their convoy was struck three times.

The IDF has said it will investigate, but World Central Kitchen is calling for an independent review.

It said in a statement: “On April 1, 2024, the Israeli Defense Forces killed seven humanitarian aid workers employed by World Central Kitchen (WCK), an internationally recognized humanitarian organization.

“The aid workers killed were nationals of Australia, Canada/US (dual citizen), Gaza, Poland, and the United Kingdom. Israel has admitted to the killings but called it a ‘a tragic event in which our forces unintentionally harmed non-combatants and something that ‘happens in war’.

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“This was a military attack that involved multiple strikes and targeted three WCK vehicles. All three vehicles were carrying civilians; they were marked as WCK vehicles; and their movements were in full compliance with Israeli authorities, who were aware of their itinerary, route, and humanitarian mission.

“We have asked the governments of Australia, Canada, the United States of America, Poland, and the United Kingdom to join us in demanding an independent, third-party investigation into these attacks, including whether they were carried out intentionally or otherwise violated international law. Yesterday, to ensure the integrity of the investigation, we asked the Israeli government to immediately preserve all documents, communications, video and/or audio recordings, and any other materials potentially relevant to the April 1 strikes.

“An independent investigation is the only way to determine the truth of what happened, ensure transparency and accountability for those responsible, and prevent future attacks on humanitarian aid workers.”

The Herald: People inspect the site where World Central Kitchen workers were killed in Deir al-Balah

It comes amid growing calls for arms sales to Israel to be suspended, with reports at the weekend that legal advice has been given to the government suggesting the country may be in breach of international law.

Labour’s shadow foreign secretary, David Lammy, urged the Government to publish any legal advice it had received on whether Israel had broken international law, and to suspend arms sales if there was a risk weapons could be used in “a serious breach of international humanitarian law”.

SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn has called for parliament to be recalled in the wake of the deadly attack.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and Commons speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Mr Flynn said: “As you know, the SNP has been calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and Israel since October last year. We have repeatedly urged the UK Government to do more to secure an immediate ceasefire, including by ending arms sales to Israel.

“Our call to end arms sales to Israel has been repeatedly rejected by the UK Government and the Labour Party, despite the overwhelming evidence that Israel is breaching international law through its indiscriminate bombardment of Gaza and its collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

“With three UK citizens among those killed in the Israeli strike on World Central Kitchen (WCK) aid workers, it is essential that the UK Parliament is recalled immediately.

“This situation demands that the Prime Minister comes to Parliament without further delay to outline the UK Government’s response to the killing of UK citizens by Israel, to enable MPs to scrutinise the UK Government’s response, and so that Parliament can finally debate and vote on ending arms sales to Israel.”