A Scots indie music star has shared a surprise connection to a partially collapsed listed building in Glasgow.

Residents were evacuated from flats next to the listed India Buildings in the city on Thursday when the roof of the 19th-century property collapsed inward and significant movement was noted in the front facade.

Glasgow City Council has said demolition on the historic building will begin on Monday, to the consternation of heritage enthusiasts.

Now Alex Kapranos, lead singer of the band Franz Ferdinand, told on social media how the group had performed their first gigs in an old factory just behind the building.

Mr Kapranos said he and his bandmates would use the India Buildings as a shortcut to reach their gigs.

He said: "This is a great architectural loss to Glasgow. I have a particular connection to this building, as just behind it is the old factory where Franz Ferdinand put on our first events in an old factory we called The Chateau.

"We used to enter it via this building sometimes."

Residents told The Herald's sister title the Glasgow Times how the local authority had directed them to homelessness services following the partial collapse on Bridge Street in the city's south side.

They said the building has been in consistent ownership for around 40 years but has been "neglected" for "three out of those four decades".

Labour MSP Paul Sweeney, who champions Glasgow's built heritage, said he was working with Glasgow City Council officers to push for certain elements of the building to be retained.

He wrote on social media: "India Buildings on Bridge Street has had a roof collapse, destabilising the façade.

"Neighbouring residents have been evacuated.

"Demolition is sadly inevitable now. Just been on site.

"I'm working with council officers to try to save the carved pediment and chimneys from the roof."

Southside Central councillor Dr Soryia Siddique said: “It is concerning to hear there may be emerging structural issues with regards to buildings on Bridge Street."

Dr Siddique, a Labour councillor, added: “Far too many heritage buildings are falling into disrepair.

"In light of the housing emergency and the homelessness crisis, Glasgow City Council must escalate a heritage action plan, which ensures the safety of these buildings and brings these buildings into much needed use.”