Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar has pledged "the greatest transfer of wealth and power into the hands of working people" if his party wins power in the next Westminster election.

Under its New Deal for Working People, the party has pledged to end zero hours contracts, repeal anti-strike laws, expand sick pay and employment rights and end fire and rehire.

The policy was worked out with trade unions and has been championed by Labour's deputy leader Angela Rayner.

With Sir Keir Starmer all but certain to be the next Prime Minister, there has been some pushback from businesses on the plans, leading to fears they could be watered down.

However, the party's Scottish leader made clear the pledge remains very much in place and would be transformative for working people.

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Commenting ahead of the STUC Congress, Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said “The election of a Labour government will mean the greatest transfer of wealth and power into the hands of working people and their families with Labour’s New Deal for Working People

“Our New Deal – designed hand in hand with our trade union colleagues and led by our indomitable deputy leader Angela Rayner – will fundamentally re-write the rules of work for millions of workers.

“We will scrap exploitative zero-hours contracts, delivering security in work for millions of workers across the UK and for thousands of workers in Scotland – shamefully the zero-hour capital of Britain under the SNP.

“We will end fire and rehire, taking this disgraceful practice and the rogue employers that use it head on.

The Herald: Anas Sarwar

“We will abolish the Tories’ shameful anti-strike laws – 40 years on from the Miners’ Strike we will consign Tory anti-trade unionism into the dustbin of history.

“We will end the scourge of in-work poverty with a genuine living wage that is extended to all adults and expand access to sick pay for the lowest workers, we will make this and parental leave and protection from unfair dismissal day one rights.

“Labour’s New Deal for Working People is opposed by the Tories at Westminster and by the SNP at Holyrood – but it will be supported and implemented by the people of the UK.

“The need for a government on the side of working people could not be clearer and that is what is on offer at this election whenever the Tories pluck up the nerve to call it.

“A Labour government with Scottish Labour trade unionist MPs at its core, fighting for their country, community and class at the heart of government.

“An end to 17 years of Tory sleaze and failure.

“An end to unfair working practices and an end to the politics of despair and division.

“Change is coming – a brighter future awaits the working people of Scotland.”

STUC General Secretary Roz Foyer said: “We strongly welcome this firm recommitment from Anas and the Scottish Labour Party to the proposed New Deal for Working People.  

“The STUC and trade unions across the country have been clear that this pledge is our number one priority and non-negotiable. The New Deal has the potential to be completely transformational for working people across these isles, tipping the balance of power into the hands of workers, not the employers.

“We look forward to and indeed expect any incoming UK Labour Government to deliver their pledge within the first 100 days of government. After almost 15 years of excruciating Tory Government, working people can ill afford any further delay.