A new report by VisitScotland has revealed the growing popularity of Scottish traditional music.

The research found that over a third of Scots (34%) have started listening to it more often in the past year with another 35% going as far as saying they’ve been exposed to more Scottish trad music than ever. 

The report, which surveyed 1,000 Scottish adults, explored the listening habits of the nation, finding that Scottish trad music is not only surviving, but 'actively thriving'.

61% of those surveyed believe the genre is gaining more popularity, and 56% of people stated that they are inclined to listen to more trad music in the future.  

Meanwhile, 53% of individuals said they have noticed an inclusion of the genre within the media (TV, movies, commercials). 

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88% also considered it a vital part of the nation’s culture and heritage, while 84% argued that by preserving it we ensure that future generations have a connection to their roots and cultural identity.

Commenting on the report, Blair Teska, member of Scottish trad band Tuath Scot, said: “Scottish Trad Music has experienced a remarkable resurgence of late, captivating audiences spanning multiple generations. It’s not just a trend, it’s a cultural revival.

"As more artists embrace and contribute to the genre's resurgence, the cultural legacy embedded in Scottish Trad Music is being brought back to life for today's audiences.   

"The music scene is thriving, evident not only in chart success but also in the rising number of festivals and live music events dedicated to the genre. You can really feel the excitement for it at festivals and live performances, with a growing audience showing a keen interest.

"There is nothing quite like reaching out to all areas of Scotland with our music and are proud to represent the LGBTQ+ community with the richness and diversity of Scottish Trad Music.

This music acts like a time capsule, connecting our past with our present. Each note and melody serve as a vessel, preserving the stories, traditions, and spirit of Scotland's musical heritage.” 

To find out the most popular Scottish trad music songs, VisitScotland analysed more than 157,000 tracks featured within Scottish trad music playlists on Spotify, revealing that ‘Ida's Jig’ by Dàimh is the top-ranking trad music song, followed by ‘Walking On the Waves’ by Skipinnish  and ‘Echo’ by Talisk. 

See top 10 most popular Scottish trad music songs on Spotify below:  

1.      Ida's Jig - Dàimh 

2.      Walking On the Waves - Skipinnish 

3.       Echo - Talisk 

4.       Gaol Ise Gaol I (She's My Love) - Kathleen MacInnes 

5.       Oran na Cloiche -  Mànran 

6.       This Is The Life - Amy Macdonald 

7.       The Creelman / The Normaway Inn / The Reconciliation - Saltfishforty 

8.       The Smokey Lum/Maggie's Pancakes/Dancing Feet/The Mason's/Apron - The             Tannahill Weavers 

9.       Heather On The Hill - Nathan Evans 

10.   Land Below the Waves - Skipinnish