Scottish Government health minister Jenni Minto has told MSPs that she does not think "it’s appropriate to respond quickly" to the Cass review.

The report – named after its head, Dr Hilary Cass – released last week said there was "remarkably weak" evidence behind some of the medical interventions used in the treatment of under-18s questioning their gender identity, including puberty blockers.

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The review makes 32 recommendations, including that gender services operate "to the same standards" as other children's health services and patients be provided with “holistic” care, including screening for neurodevelopmental conditions and a mental health assessment.

Puberty blockers, which arrest the physical changes in a child’s body that puberty brings, such as the development of breasts or facial hair, stopped being prescribed routinely in England last year after the interim findings of Dr Cass's report were published. 

Although the review was exclusively into services in NHS England, there have been calls from politicians in Scotland for health boards north of the border to follow suit. 

Asked about the review during health questions in Holyrood, Ms Minto told MSPs: “The Scottish Government, our officials and our senior clinicians are all looking at what the report contains and we will be giving an initial review on that as soon as possible.”

Labour’s Carol Mochan said the Scottish Government needed to "step up and make a decision on whether or not to implement evidenced-based recommendations to protect Scottish children."

"And if not, why not?” she added.

Ms Minto replied: “I don’t think it’s appropriate to respond quickly. I think we have to do that in the appropriate time so we understand exactly what the implications are of the Cass review to gender identity services within Scotland.

"I want to make sure we put the children, their families and clinicians at the centre of this work.”

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The minister's position is slightly at odds with comments made by Humza Yousaf.

Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland on Tuesday, the First Minister said they "won’t be taking an inordinate amount of time to consider" the review.

He said: “Every recommendation that Dr Cass makes will be considered as part of that consideration of the entire report including the recommendations that she makes in relation to puberty blockers, and that is one element of the recommendations that Dr Cass makes.

“There’s a number of recommendations – all of them will be given consideration.”