Nominations are now being sought for this year's Herald & GenAnalytics Diversity Awards which recognise the trailblazers breaking down barriers in businesses and organisations across the country.

Today’s world faces a unique set of challenges and it is going to take the skills and abilities of every one of us in order to build a better future. That’s where The Herald & GenAnalytics Diversity Awards come in.

The annual event is a measure of how much progress is being made in the push towards giving everyone an equal chance.

This year’s judging process is now open and entries are being sought from businesses of all kinds as well as from third sector organisations and educational establishments who have made significant strides in reducing barriers, levelling the playing field and making their operations fairer and more effective.

The Herald & GenAnalytics have long collaborated on raising the profile of diversity issues and already in 2024 they have embarked upon the Diversity Dialogues, a series of round-table discussions across the country where ideas and practical solutions are being shared across many different kinds of organisation.

The aim is to unite the trailblazers with those who are just embarking on the journey in order to provide encouragement and speed up the rate of change. That’s also the role of the Diversity Awards, which don’t just recognise the great work that is already taking place, but also act as encouragement to individuals and organisations to look closely at their operations and identify where improvements can be made.

This year the judges will be searching for their Diversity and Inclusion Champions in both small -to-medium and large size organisations, business and charities, hoping to find evidence of active policies for promoting diversity and a strong track record of recruiting and retaining individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The winners in these categories will have shown commitment and leadership as well as a joined-up approach aimed at embedding diversity and inclusion across their organisations.

The judges will also be looking to schools, colleges, universities and researchers for outstanding examples of Diversity Through Education where there is clear evidence of impact and achievement.

In the Diversity in Sport award, sponsored by sportscotland, the aim is to find examples of where the power of sport has been used to drive forward inclusion, with examples of where there has been an increase in participation amongst targeted groups.

The most outstanding examples of reaching out to a targeted audience will come under scrutiny in the Diversity Campaign of the Year, sponsored by Arnold Clark, where the message, reach and results of attempts to change mindsets or practice will be compared in an effort to find which one has had the greatest impact.

Lynne McBurney, Group People Director, Arnold Clark, said: “At Arnold Clark we understand that it is our differences that make us stronger and we recognise the importance of creating an inclusive and nurturing work environment that welcomes all. That’s why we are delighted to sponsor this award and to help shine a light on those organisations which are demonstrating those values in their field.”

There will be recognition too for a single individual who has taken it upon themself to promote diversity and inclusivity in their workplace or community, with the Diversity Hero of the Year, sponsored by Diageo, while the Diversity in the Public Sector award will highlight the achievements of one branch of the public sector where significant progress has been made either in the delivery of services to clients or within the organisation itself.

One award will celebrate Diversity in the Third or Charity Sector, while the Design for Diversity category will celebrate the efforts of an organisation from any size or sector that has kept diversity and inclusion at the forefront while delivering a project in Scotland and the Diversity in Net-Zero Leadership award, sponsored by Crown Estate Scotland, will recognise outstanding progress by organisations that are involved in the bid to help Scotland reach its targets on carbon emission reductions by 2045.  Applicants in this category will have to demonstrate a commitment to diversity & inclusion in their approach to skills, culture and organisational development, or through a contribution to wider sector development.

And also on the night, the Lynne Connolly Achievement in Diversity Award, sponsored by abrdn in memory of their late Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, will go to an organisation or individual with an outstanding track record of promoting the cause of equality.

The deadline for entries is Friday, 31 May at 6pm and applications can be made online at