Scotland is in for some dry sunny weather this week after a wet start to April.

The Met Office issued multiple weather warnings in the first few weeks of April as Storm Kathleen brought winds of up to 90 mph in some areas.

Rain has been relentless in recent weeks with April going down as the wettest on record. Downpours have seen areas record eight week’s worth of rain in just two weeks, and Edinburgh is among the places that had more than double the normal levels.

However, there have been rays of unfamiliar sunshine gracing the nation over the last few days and while the sun isn’t to remain beating down, it is at least forecast to remain dry until the weekend.

Today the sun will remain out until 8 pm with temperatures reaching highs of 16 degrees and Wednesday the sun will be more visible with less cloud cover and temperatures reaching 13 degrees.


The Met Office states: “Tuesday: A fine dry days weather with sunshine quite widespread, particularly from mid-morning. Temperatures best towards Glasgow. Light northerly winds occasionally freshening around the coasts and Isles. Maximum temperature 16 °C.

The Herald:

“Tuesday night: Most dry with good clear spells bringing a rural frost for some. Cloudier around Argyll Isles and coasts where the odd light shower may develop. Northerly breezes persisting. Minimum temperature 0 °C.

“Wednesday: Most dry with further good sunny spells. However temperatures down a couple of degrees from Tuesday as northerly breezes persist. Small chance of isolated light showers appearing around the coast. Maximum temperature 14 °C.

“Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:Largely dry with occasional brighter spells Thursday, but a few light showers may appear around the coast. Showers building from the east through Friday and Saturday.”