A spokesperson for the First Minister has refused to comment on Greens minister Patrick Harvie's remarks on the Cass review of medical treatments for transgender young people.

Mr Harvie, co-convenor of the Scottish Green Party, has repeatedly failed to say whether he accepts the findings of the report from world-leading paediatrician Hilary Cass.

Having been asked the question five times on Monday during a radio broadcast, the minister instead claimed it had been "politicised and weaponised" against trans people.

Mr Harvie has been accused of siding with "ideology over clinical evidence".

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Following a cabinet meeting on Tuesday at Holyrood, a Scottish Government spokesman was asked if the SNP wing of the government agree with Mr Harvie on the Cass report.

The spokesman said: "This is all the more reason why it is important that a decision like that, which is about treatment, about medication, is taken by clinicians.

"And that's the very clear process.

"There is no question about it that ensuring the people that were first spoken to about this were the patients, the young people themselves.

"And therefore the families of such people were informed by the appropriate people by clinicians and that the announcement about this was made by the two relevant health boards.

"We always did take the position that this was an issue that should be taken by clinicians, not by politicians."

Neither Lorna Slater nor Patrick Harvie were at today's cabinet briefing, which is usual, although the Greens ministers may attend if there are issues relevant to their portfolios.

The spokesperson was then asked if there is any disquiet from the SNP arm of the government, given a government minister has undermined that report and has undermined the clinicians responsible for the report.

He declined to answer.

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When asked if the First Minister had spoken to Mr Harvie on the issue, the spokesman said he did not know.

Dr Cass's report, commissioned by NHS England made a raft of recommendations relating to the care of young people who identify as transgender.

In light of the review, the use of cross-sex hormones has been paused both in England and by health boards in Scotland.

Meanwhile, the Alba party's Holyrood leader Ash Regan submitted a motion of no confidence in the minister.

The motion would require support from 25 other MSPs before the vote would go ahead, a vote Mr Harvie would be highly likely to win given the combined numbers of the SNP and Greens.

Ms Regan – who defected from the SNP to Alba last year – said: “The motion of no confidence speaks for itself.

"The Scottish Greens wish to side with ideology over clinical evidence.

“I am hopeful that MSPs will put good governance first, ahead of party lines, and support the motion.”

Fergus Ewing was suspended from the party’s Holyrood group for a week after voting for a similar motion to sack Green co-leader and Government minister Lorna Slater.

This could mean disciplinary action could be taken against those who defy the SNP whip this time round.