Barlinnie is Scotland's largest prison, housing over a thousand inmates from across the Greater Glasgow area.

Often referred to as The Big Hoose or Bar-L by locals, a number of notorious inmates such as gangster Jimmy Boyle and Peter Manuel have been housed here.

If you've ever wanted to know more about the types of prisoners kept at Barlinnie, here is everything you need to know.

When was Barlinnie opened and who designed it?

The Herald: Barlinnie was opened in 1882Barlinnie was opened in 1882 (Image: NQ)

Barlinnie was designed by Major General Thomas Bernard Collinson, architect to the Scottish Prison Department.

It was opened in the then-rural area of Riddrie in July 1882. The prison's five accommodation areas were built in stages between its official opening and 1897.

A major expansion was made to the perimeter in 1967, creating an industrial compound.

How many inmates are housed in Barlinnie Prison?

According to a report by HM Inspectorate of Prisons, around 1400 people are housed in the prison, 43% above its design capacity.

Who was the last person to be executed at Barlinnie?

Anthony Miller was the last person to be executed at Barlinnie and was the second-last person in Scotland to meet this fate.

After being put on trial in November 1960 for the murder of John Cremin during a robbery that went wrong, the 19-year-old was hanged that same year.

The Herald: The last person to be executed at Barlinnie was Anthony MillerThe last person to be executed at Barlinnie was Anthony Miller (Image: NQ)

What kinds of prisoners are kept at Barlinnie?

According to the Scottish Prison Service website, Barlinnie houses all categories of male prisoners either on remand or convicted of a crime(s) and serving "all sentence lengths".

The prison receives prisoners from courts in the West of Scotland and also retains those serving less than 4-year sentences.

It also allocates prisoners to lower security prisons such as HMP Low Moss in Bishopbriggs and HMP Greenock as well as long-term prisoners in the initial phase of their sentence to long-term prisons like HMP Glenochill and HMP Kilmarnock.

Barlinnie consists of five accommodations with each holding hundreds of inmates as well as a National Top End Facility for those nearing the end of their incarceration.