Scotland’s External Affairs Secretary has been accused of being “evasive” and failing to treat MSPs with respect as he was pressed over the cost of his overseas trips.

Angus Robertson, who has recently returned from New York for Tartan Week, said the costs of the visit are still being finalised.

But when pressed to reveal the total costs of his trips since taking on the post in 2021, he failed to give an answer.

Conservative MSP Edward Mountain had asked him to provide the costs, saying “a figure would be useful”.

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Mr Robertson said details of all ministerial trips are routinely published by the Scottish Government.

He added that “final cost details from the recent attendance at Tartan Week in the United States are still in the process of being finalised”, pledging to update the Conservative MSP with the information as soon as it is available.

But Mr Mountain accused Mr Robertson of being “evasive”.

“I’m not sure if that is even an attempted answer to my question,” the Tory said.

“These trips are funded by the taxpayer and they deserve to hear the answer, right here in their own Parliament, exactly what these costs have been.

“We’re not being treated with respect if we’re not being given answers.”

Mr Robertson responded by saying the Tory could “huff and puff as much as he likes”, adding: “It is simply a statement of fact having only returned in recent weeks from Tartan Week that the latest travel information has not been finally compiled.”

He insisted that is an “entirely reasonable answer” to the question, saying he is sure Mr Mountain “wouldn’t wish me to pluck numbers from the sky and answer him without having the facts”.