A Scottish Green MSP broke down in tears as she lamented the end of the Bute House Agreement.

First Minister Humza Yousaf announced on Thursday that the SNP was pulling out of the power-sharing arrangement, prompting Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross to submit a motion of no confidence in him.

Speaking on Drivetime on BBC Radio Scotland Gillian Mackay, the Green MSP for the Central Scotland region spoke about the "horrendous political decisions" made by Mr Yousaf as she confirmed her party's intention to vote against him and called for him to stand down.

It was put to her by host John Beattie that she sounded “very bitter”.

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The MSP responded “I’m actually quite upset” before her voice appeared to crack with emotion.

She continued, “A lot of people will have seen me being upset, we’ve had two-and-a-half-years… sorry… of working really well together.

“It’s really sad that’s all been undone by one person.

“I… I’ve got some really good friends within that government who I know are hurting as much as we are because they’ve been down to see us.

“To every member of the SNP: we are as sorry that this has come to an end as I’m sure many of you are, we don’t want to be in this position but it’s the First Minister that’s put us here.”

It comes after a senior Green source told The Herald the news had not just surprised them but SNP MSPs too, and said there had been "distress" over the announcement.

They said: "We've had a steady stream of senior SNP people coming downstairs [to the Green party offices in Parliament], some of them clearly emotional, because a lot of time has been spent with our MSPs and their MSPs and ministers, building up a progressive working relationship as part of a pro-independence Scottish Government.

"There's been surprise and distress, I don't think that would be too strong a word.

"It shows the great strength that there was between the two parties and the working relationship. It's very, very sad and disappointing that this has happened. I don't understand the strategy of this."