One of Scotland's leading political experts has said why it is better for the First Minister to resign before the no confidence vote rather than stay on and lose it.

Humza Yousaf announced just after midday on Monday he is stepping down as he faced two no confidence motions in Holyrood after pulling out of the Bute House Agreement with the Scottish Greens last Thursday.

With the Greens saying they will not support Mr Yousaf in the no confidence motion in him it looked uncertain he would have enough backing to survive.

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The only way he could remain is if the Alba Party's single MSP Ash Regan or another MSP from another opposition party would back him.  However, that situation looked increasingly unlikely.

James Mitchell, professor of public policy at Edinburgh University, told The Herald: "Unlike his pre-emptive move in getting rid of the Greens from government, it would be sensible to pre-empt what now is all but inevitable and resign before he is forced out at some point whether through a vote of no confidence or obvious loss of authority.  

"Even if he survived a no confidence vote he has little authority and would only stagger on and be forced to resign at some point soon.  

"His party will put pressure on him to stand down as carrying on would make it even more difficult for the SNP to retain many seats in the Commons and any prospect of winning the next Holyrood elections.  The dignified thing to do would be to accept this now and resign."