Glasgow West End’s rising star 29 States Indian Cuisine is celebrating its first anniversary this month.

Glasgow is renowned for the quality of its Indian cuisine and since opening last year, 29 States has been gaining a strong reputation under owner Neeraj Dhatwalia & his team.

Neeraj , who previously worked as a chef for the Ashoka Group of restaurants after moving to Scotland from India in 2008, explains “The name of the restaurant pays homage to the 29 different states that make up India, and we offer diners dishes from right across my home country.”

“I come from a state in the northern part of India, Himachal Pradesh,” he explains, “and I want to share authentic Indian cooking with the people of Glasgow. I don’t want to make the menu too big, but I’m trying to show people food from all around India. I’ve been a chef for the last 22 years, so my priorities are always to make the best possible food with the freshest ingredients.”

Neeraj understands the importance not only of good food, but of providing exceptional customer service – as he began his career working in five-star hotels in India. Alongside his wife, he takes a very hands-on approach to running 29 States, ensuring customers see them regularly in the restaurant.

29 States is located within the shopping square in Broomhill, with the location carefully chosen to offer convenience to their customers.

“The location was appealing as it offers plenty of parking outside,” explains Neeraj. “Nowadays if people go into eat in the city centre, it is really difficult and expensive to park their car. This location has plenty of spaces to park outside, it is convenient for people eating in or getting a takeaway.”

Another appeal of the location, Neeraj explains, was the large wooden decking area outside the restaurant. As we come into summer and the weather improves, he reckons the decking will be a popular spot to dine alfresco.

The Herald:

“The decking can fit around 40 people to sit outside, they can have a drink, some cocktails, and food as well. I’ve never had the opportunity to run a restaurant and a bar- so this gives a great chance to offer people somewhere to eat and something to drink at the same time. I think the outdoor space will be really popular.”

But what of the food? Neeraj has carefully created a menu that includes both familiar favourites and more unusual dishes that customers might not have tried previously.

A special section of the menu is dedicated to ‘Glasgow’s favourite dishes’, including a korma, chasni, bhoona and masala, as well as ever-popular pakora. Yet Neeraj is also keen to introduce Glaswegians to some dishes that they may not have heard of before.

This includes Dahiwale Chicken Wings, marinated in yoghurt and spices overnight and then deep fried for maximum taste. There’s also Soya Chaap Masala, a vegan dish that’s cooked in a tomato and onion sauce with pepper, or the Lamb and Jackfruit Curry that combines a familiar favourite with a vegan speciality.

To find out more and book your table, call 0141 334 6257 or visit . Delivery also available.

29 States India Cuisine is located in Broomhill Square, 6 Norby Rd, Glasgow G11 7BN

Open Monday to Sunday 12:00 noon – 10:00 pm – Find us on Facebook