Scottish comedy legend Stu Who? has died aged 74, his family have announced.

The comedian, real name Stuart Henderson, who was part of the Funny Farm collective and performed alongside the likes of Bob Monkhouse and Bill Hicks, had his bowel removed in November last year after being diagnosed with cancer.

The late comic had also suffered from advanced Crohn's disease for many years.

His son, Kahl, announced on social media: "He’s been very ill for some time and although this has been an incredibly upsetting day for the family, there’s some relief that he’s not in pain any more."

Scottish comedians raised more than £5,000 last year to help Stu Who? with his bills after he became too ill to perform.

The stand-up shared an update on his health with fans in January ahead of a second fundraising show, which he was too ill to attend.

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He wrote on Facebook: "For most of the past year. I've been a hospital patient. Could  barely talk or communicate at some points and even the slightest movement was painful  

"Heard patients begging to be put out of their misery and I admit I shared that plea more than once .. Unable to walk, often semi conscious, lying in room, totally  on my own, delirious and very unsure about my future. I honestly  thought I was going mad at some points  hallucinating... what a mess.

"Some of the nursing staff at Monklands saved me with their incredible caring and friendship and I can never thank them enough. Ella Erin Alison Molly Dominic William Grant Rashida Abby and many more 

"Still learning to walk again and every day of therapy is a new small victory Stopped croaking and learning to speak again that's  been fun 

"People have been so kind and so generous and there is a concert this coming week on my behalf which unfortunately I’m still unable to attend Thanx to you all I am humbled by your attention and caring."

His death brought an outpouring of tributes from Scotland's comedy scene.

Kevin Bridges said: "Very sad to hear the news about Stu Who. A comedy circuit legend who was always supportive and encouraging to new comedians. Thoughts with all his family."

Janey Godley posted: "Heart sore to hear the passing of Stu Who - the first person to ever bring me onstage and encourage me to keep on doing comedy. He was also a huge champion of Ashley, He was the first comedian I met and he never made me feel bullied or isolated. He’ll be missed. Stu Who’s backstage stories were f****g insane and legendary.

"Everyone has a story about Stu who and his stories - he will be so missed."

Ray Bradshaw said: "Absolutely gutted to hear of the passing of scottish comedy legend Stu Who. He always encouraged every new comic on the scene, gave great advice to those breaking through and also told some absolutely ridiculous tales of his past. A maverick."