A clubbing experience with a difference is coming to Glasgow, with organisers promising ravers will be "home by 9pm, not 9am".

Sunbeam will take place at SWG3 on May 18, with DJs Jon Pleased Wimmin and Rob Mason and promises to bring back "the halcyon days of 90s clubbing".

Unlike those days though, the action begins at 2pm and ends at 8pm which organisers promise will "keep you in the good books with your nearest and dearest".

Sunbeam takes place across SWG3’s Warehouse and new Garden Terrace, and will deliver 90s house and techno classics.

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DJ Jon Pleased Wimmin said: "These day events started really after Covid when it was a necessity, especially the outdoor ones where people could have fresh air around them. It has taken a few years for people’s courage to come back to go out and mix together after the nightmare that we all went through.

"But I think we're nearly back to pre-Covid levels of mixing and celebrating life on the dancefloor.

"To be honest once people get going the only difference is if you're outdoors.

"I did a recent day party at the Ministry of Sound in London and it was insane. Walking in at 2pm felt like 2am. Everybody was totally going for it and you would never have known it was daytime really.

The Herald:

"It'll be a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

"I’m going to be pulling things out that I don’t normally play that often, mixing with some biggies that everybody loves. Plus lots of fresh edits of old tracks that I am loving at the moment. Glasgow is such a great party City."

DJ Bosco said: "There are a huge amount of clubbers who have kids and find it difficult to go out, what with having to find babysitters and responsibilities the next day - especially if you’re talking about a club that finishes at 3am, as they usually do.

"With the early finish, there’s a right good chance you can get your mum or dad to watch them as your back up the road at 9pm instead of 4am."

Tickets for Sunbeam are available here