A pilot trial giving guards body cameras is now underway in three Scottish prisons.

Prison staff in HMP Barlinnie, HMP Low Moss, and HMP Perth have now been given the use of Body Worn Video Cameras for the next six months.

The Scottish Prison Service says the pilot scheme will support the gathering of evidence after incidents have occurred, while also enhancing positive role model behaviours between staff and those in custody.

They also hope it will support relationships in prison establishments and increase trust and transparency, but said it is also a way of ensuring the safety and security of workers.

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The cameras will be used in plain sight, with staff giving verbal indication of them being activated, and they will not be used for covert activities.

They are already used in other settings and have been found to help de-escalate incidents.

A decision about further use of the body-worn video cameras will be made after the six-month pilot.

A Scottish Prison Service spokesperson said: “The health and wellbeing of our staff and those in our care, and the safety, security, and good order of our establishments, are key priorities.

“This pilot, across three of our establishments, will aim to support those priorities, while also promoting transparency, trust, and good relationships, and acting as a deterrent against criminality and rule breaches.”