As temperatures change and winter subsides, a Viessmann boiler can make all the difference when it comes to savings

AS spring arrives, the focus in many Scottish homes shifts from the winter chill to the impact of increased energy costs on household budgets. 

While there are numerous ways to save energy around the home, ensuring your boiler operates efficiently is paramount. 

If your boiler is not running efficiently, it undermines all other energy-saving efforts and can lead to much higher heating bills.

To combat the rising cost of living, it’s essential to maximize your boiler’s efficiency and the products created by Viessmann – prestigious producer of innovative boilers and heat pumps - can not only ensure efficiency, but also enhance it - particularly when installed and maintained by experts such as Scottish firm MPH Group.

The Herald:

All of Viessmann’s products are designed with the future in mind and built to last so you can enjoy many years of worry-free home comfort.

They also offer mobile apps and smart home solutions to give you added control and convenience, so you can save time and money as well as reducing environmental 

Boiler efficiency refers to the percentage of energy a boiler converts into useful heating. Newer boilers, installed within the last 5-10 years, typically run at over 90% efficiency. 

In contrast, older boilers, especially those over 15 years old, may operate at 70% efficiency or below. 

A higher efficiency rating means more effective heating and lower running costs.

To determine your boiler’s efficiency, locate the model name and number, then search for it in the PCDB database. 

Here are some simple steps to maximising your boiler’s efficiency:  

Schedule annual boiler services conducted by Gas Safe registered engineers from MPH Group. 
These thorough inspections ensure your boiler operates safely and efficiently. Early detection of issues during servicing prevents decreased efficiency, leading to potential cost savings.

Trapped air in radiators reduces heating efficiency. Bleeding radiators removes trapped air, improving heating performance and potentially lowering energy bills. MPH Group offers guidance on how to bleed radiators effectively.

Low boiler pressure affects the entire central heating system’s operation. MPH Group recommends maintaining boiler pressure around 1.5 bar to ensure optimal performance. Regular pressure checks and repressurising, if necessary, help maintain efficiency.

Insulating piping with foam tubing minimises heat loss and enhances boiler efficiency. By reducing heat loss through insulated pipes, your boiler can operate more efficiently, translating to long-term energy savings.

If your boiler is over a decade old, has a low-efficiency rating, or frequently breaks down, investing in a new boiler may be worthwhile. 
While initial costs may be daunting, the efficiency improvements of an A-rated replacement can lead to significant long-term savings.

AND remember, all-trades specialist MPH Group, a family-run organisation based in Fife but operating around the entire country, offer comprehensive boiler care services, including servicing, maintenance, and upgrades. 
With Gas Safe registered engineers and expertise in boiler efficiency optimisation, MPH Group ensures your boiler operates at peak performance, helping you save on energy costs.
By prioritising boiler efficiency this spring, you can combat rising energy costs and contribute to a more sustainable home environment. Consult with MPH Group to maximise your boiler’s efficiency and enjoy long-term savings on energy bills.