Residents in Trongate were too scared to leave their own homes during the raucous title party held by Celtic fans on Saturday, the club’s local MSPs has said.

The SNP's John Mason told Parliament that the weekend’s celebrations were “unacceptable".

There was also condemnation from the Scottish Government, with Community Safety minister Siobhian Brown saying there was no reason for the party to “degenerate into disorder".

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More than 25,000 fans descended on Glasgow’s city centre to celebrate the team winning the premiership.

A number of local businesses were forced to close while others reported damage to their property.

Police Scotland said four of their officers were injured, while 19 people were arrested.

Mr Mason, whose Glasgow Shettleston’s constituency includes Celtic Park, detailed the impact of the gathering to his colleagues in the Scottish Parliament: “A major road junction in Glasgow completely blocked to buses and other traffic. The Tron theatre had to cancel its performance that evening.

“Allegedly four police officers were injured and A&E was completely swamped.

“I myself walked in the area at 6.30 on Saturday, people urinating in the closes and residents afraid to leave their homes.”

The Herald:

He asked if the government agreed that clubs "need to get more involved" and if ministers would look at "strict liability" where teams become responsible for the behaviour of their fans. 

Ms Brown told parliament: “It is absolutely unacceptable that businesses had to close, that public property was damaged.”

She added: “People were not able to go about their business and indeed people were injured.

"There is no reason why what should be a celebration degenerates into disorder, causes damage to property and results in loss of customers and business as well as, of course, the cost to the public purse in terms of placing the NHS response and the cleanup afterwards.

“Whilst I don't know the full cost yet for the council, I understand that last year's cleanup costs amounted to over £34,000.”

The Herald:

Ms Brown said she had “never ruled out strict liability as an option for incidents at football within stadiums".

However, she said the government’s preferred solution was that the footballing authorities “proactively shape and deliver a robust and meaningful solution to tackle any unacceptable conduct by what is the minority of supporters.”

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Labour’s Paul Sweeney asked the government to “convene a meeting of the key stakeholders” to look at coming up with some form of “annual celebration that we can be proud of instead of ashamed of".