The owners of a Tayside farm have expressed their ‘utter contempt’ for the people who vandalised their property over the weekend, leaving 2000 bees dead.

Police in the area are appealing for information after parts of Tofthill Farm in Inchyra were damaged in a vandalism incident.

Officers say the damage must have taken place between 5pm on Friday 24 May, and 10 am on Saturday 25 May.

Those responsible for the overnight attack have yet to be traced, after the damage left 2,000 bees dead and multiple fresh strawberry plants ruined.

The owners of the farm have released a statement saying how disappointed they are with the attack on their property, especially after an ‘incredibly difficult winter’ and during a time when food production in Scotland is becoming harder every year.


A spokesperson for the farm said: “We are incredibly disappointed to be subjected to a vandalism at the weekend. Aside from jumping on our equipment and damaging it, the most heart-breaking aspect of it is that some 2,000 bees were killed and dozens of fresh strawberry plants were maliciously damaged.

“Bees are truly the most magnificent and efficient pollinators on any farm and it’s thanks to them that we all get fed.

“After an incredibly difficult winter for farming, where it is getting harder and harder to produce food, we only have utter contempt for the individuals who have caused thousands of pounds worth of damage’.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Police on 101 quoting incident 1838 of 25/05/24 and crime ref CR/0190102/24