Reform leader Nigel Farage has once again been doused in milkshake while campaigning, as he bids to become the MP for Clacton.

The former UKIP MEP has was given a dairy dunking in Newcastle in 2019 by an anti-Brexit campaigner who was later fined £520, with a McDonald's in Edinburgh subsequently asked by police not to sell the drink ahead of a campaign stop.

Mr Farage announced on Monday that he had changed his mind on running for parliament in the July 4 election, and confirmed he'd be standing in Clacton.

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During his first official day on the campaign trail he was once again hit by a milkshake as he left a rally at a pub.

The drink could be seen splattered on his suit as he boarded the Reform campaign bus.

Richard Tice, Mr Farage’s predecessor as Reform UK leader, said: “The juvenile moron who threw a drink over Nigel has just gained us hundreds of thousands more votes.

“We will not be bullied or threatened off the campaign trail.”