A Glasgow cocktail bar has unveiled a new drinks menu in celebration of Taylor Swift’s arrival in Scotland for three concerts this weekend at Murrayfield Stadium as part of the singer-songwriter’s Eras Tour.

The Citizen Bar has debuted a range of limited-edition Taylor Swift-themed cocktails, describing these as “a must-have ahead of the train or bus trip to the capital”.

It declared: “Thousands of Swifties will be making the trip to Edinburgh from Glasgow for the sell-out Murrayfield shows.”

The cocktails are available until June 9.

The Citizen Bar said the cocktails had been created in partnership with Absolut vodka and inspired by Taylor Swift’s hit songs, with each drink accompanied by an Eras Tour friendship bracelet while stocks last.

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It added: “The Taylor Swift menu includes Champagne Problems, which is sure to give Swifties a reason to book the night train: a light, summery drink featuring Malfi Arancia, orange juice, Chimere and garnished with an orange twist.

“Fortnight is set to wake fans up from their Wildest Dreams, with espresso, Tia Maria, white chocolate Mozart, Absolut vodka and chocolate powder.

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“Concert-goers can say ‘yes’ to Love Story, a shaken mango and passion fruit delight made with Gabriel Bouldier Mango Liqueur, Mango Absolut vodka, lemon juice, egg white, and passion fruit and mango puree.”

Denise Boyle, of The Citizen Bar, said: “We wanted to give a special offering for Swifties in Scotland, and we’re hoping this collection of drinks is a hit with fans looking to celebrate in style before the concert.

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“These drinks are inspired by some of our favourite Taylor songs, and we think they’ll be the perfect way for fans to get into the concert spirit and celebrate their love for Taylor Swift.”

The Citizen Bar said: “Hundreds of thousands of Taylor Swift fans from across Scotland and beyond are set to make the trip to the capital for the Eras Tour, with the Shake It Off songstress expected to break all records for Scotland’s biggest stadium shows ever on June 7, 8, and 9.”

It noted that demand for the concerts was so high that Edinburgh City Council granted organisers permission to increase the national stadium’s capacity from 67,130 to 72,990.