MEDICAL tourism has become a huge issue in recent years with botched treatments abroad causing pain, misery and expense for unwitting patients.

Yet, when it comes to hair transplants, there is no need to risk travelling to an unknown clinic as one of the best and most reputable centres in Europe for the treatment of hair loss is well established in Scotland.

The award-winning Seneca Medical Group is considered to be the number one hair transplant company in Europe due to its elite hair restoration services and innovative techniques.

Through extensive research, accurate diagnosis, comprehensive training and cutting-edge treatments, the company remains at the forefront of innovation in the field of hair restoration and is dedicated to constantly developing new techniques and tools to address the challenges of hair loss.

Seneca Medical Group has 35 years of experience in treating hair loss and to date has treated over 43,000 hair loss patients and trained and certified more than 160 doctors and nurses in hair restoration treatments and procedures.

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The company’s diagnostic centres in Edinburgh and Aberdeen and clinic in Glasgow are home to some of the most well-equipped clinics and diagnostic centres for hair loss treatments and hair transplantations in Europe.

Seneca Scotland’s multi-awarded team offer personalised treatment for each client through their Total Care system of diagnosis and treatment that allows each patient to receive the most appropriate transplant according to their needs.

The group offers a free diagnosis through the Total Care system to evaluate the problem, identify the causes and formulate a personalised treatment plan.

Thanks to the trained and certified staff and the most advanced systems available at the Seneca clinics in Scotland, patients have at their disposal at every stage of treatment, the most appropriate and personalised care.

Hair transplants are now widely available but techniques vary, which is why it is worth opting for the Direct FUE Hair Transplant Surgery offered by the Seneca Medical Group.

This is an advanced medical procedure for effectively addressing hair loss. With hair transplant results that are expected to last a lifetime, it offers a natural appearance that helps to instil confidence in those who choose it. 

Unlike other techniques, the Direct FUE Hair Transplant is a minimally invasive procedure that does not involve graft processing or the creation of reception holes prior to graft placement.

Instead, it utilises a specialised implanter device to ensure precise control over the direction, depth, and angle of each graft, resulting in a 100% natural outcome.

This technique effectively addresses permanent hair loss caused by factors like androgenetic alopecia and offers a more natural and dense look. It also causes less trauma to the scalp, leading to faster recovery times, which makes it arguably a superior choice for many patients.

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Seneca treatment is then carried out in two stages. In the first, the hair follicles are checked, selected and then painlessly extracted. They are taken from the back of the patient's head and kept in appropriate conditions and temperature until their gradual replanting with Seneca Implanter begins in the second and final stage.

The special solution that the follicles are kept in before implantation enhances their growth. Seneca does not split nor cut the grafts as minimum handling achieves the maximum growth rate.

Seneca's highly trained staff can achieve the implantation of around 9,000 hairs per session and it is a procedure that can be done in a few hours and without hassle.

The advantages include the specially-designed and patented tools and equipment through which the doctor directly implants the hair follicles giving a 100% natural result and high density. It is considered to be the most effective method of treating hair loss with its effects expected to last lifelong.

Awards won by Seneca include International Business Excellence Award 2018, the Best Hair Clinic Award 2018, the International Hair Clinic of the year at the IMTJ 2018, the 2018-2019-2020-2021 Patient Service Award from, the Hair loss Clinic of the Year 2018 at the Scottish Beauty Industry Awards, the Business Excellence Award from Bizz Awards 2018, the European Business Award in 2019, the Eagles of Health Award 2021, the Healthcare Business Award 2022 and the Scotland Trichology Clinic of the Year & Hair Transplant Clinic of the Year 2022/23 and the Aesthetic Excellence Awards 2023.

So, if you are worried about hair loss, do not hesitate. Contact the Seneca team and book an appointment at one of the clinics in Glasgow or Edinburgh.